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Transcontinental Inc.
TC Transcontinental
Traded asTSXTCL.A
IndustryMass media, direct-to-consumer marketing
FounderRémi Marcoux, Claude Dubois and André Kingsley
Headquarters1 Place Ville Marie,
Montreal, Quebec
Key people
François Olivier
Revenue$2.0 billion (2015)
Number of employees
More than 8,000

Transcontinental Inc. (o/a TC Transcontinental) is a leader in flexible packaging in North America, and Canada’s largest printer. The Corporation is also a Canadian leader in its specialty media segments.[1]

Over the years, TC Transcontinental developed a complete line of distribution services for its customers, ranging from lettershop services to door-to-door distribution. The company manages flyer and local newspapers distribution through Publisac in Québec and Targeo in Canada. It also has an advanced coating team that develops and manufactures high quality coatings all other specialty substrates. The organization has a premedia segment that works with brands and retailers to produce content and advertisement to help grow business and reach customers.

Transcontinental Inc. is a publicly traded company (TSX: TCL.A TCL.B) with over 9,000 employees, the majority of which are based in Canada, the United States and Latin America.[2]


Transcontinental was founded in 1976 by Rémi Marcoux and his partners, Claude Dubois and André Kingsley. The organization was then specialized in flyer printing and generated revenues of $2.9 million in its first year.[3] In 1978, a second business sector was added to the company with the creation of Publi-Home Distributors, a door-to-door flyer distributor, now call Publisac.[4] In 1979, Transcontinental acquired the weekly newspaper Les Affaires and SIC magazine, which led to its third business sector: publishing. 1984 marked the organization’s debut on the Montréal Exchange. As soon as 1985, the company listed its shares on the Toronto Stock Exchange.[5]

From 1986 to 1995, the company embarked on an expansion across Canada, leading to a period of internal growth coupled with an acquisition-based strategy. In fact, Transcontinental made many acquisitions in the media and printing industries, including The Hockey News newspaper, PME magazine and Publications spécialisées en construction G.R., Éditions du Feu Vert (Décormag and Le Bel Âge), Interglobe Printing in Beauce, Ross-Ellis Printing in Québec, Southam's Canadian Publishers’ plants in Calgary, Alberta and in Winnipeg, Manitoba and a little later Southam’s commercial printing division. In 1990, Transcontinental became the largest flyer printer in Canada and in 1992, the largest commercial printer in Canada. In 1995, Transcontinental accelerated its pace of acquisitions in the media industry by becoming a player in the Québec local and regional newspaper market with the acquisition of 20 Telemedia weeklies published in the Greater Montréal area.[6]

The company decided to extend its activities even more to new products in magazine and newspaper publishing, while pursuing its path of growth in printing. In 1998, Transcontinental achieved the billion-dollar revenue mark. The largest transaction of its history occurred in 2000 with the acquisition of Telemedia's magazine publishing division. Eleven major titles were added to the company's portfolio, including Canadian Living, TV Guide, Coup de Pouce, and Elle Québec. The acquisition resulted in the creation of Transcontinental Media.[7] In 2003, the company opened Transcontinental Métropolitain, a new Montréal plant primarily dedicated to the printing of La Presse daily newspaper and its related products, under a 15-year contract.[8] In 2004, Transcontinental became the largest publisher and printer in Eastern Canada with the acquisition of Optipress Inc., a publishing and printing company located in Atlantic Canada.

From 2006 to 2015, the company made a move into the market of French-language educational publishing in Canada. It also made a major investment toward the modernization of its printing platform and became the largest printer in Canada by acquiring Quad/Graphics Canada Inc.[9] In 2012, the company turned a page in its history with the transfer of power from founder Rémi Marcoux to his daughter Isabelle Marcoux, who was named Chair of the Board of Transcontinental Inc. Mr. Marcoux remained a director on the Board.[10] And, in 2014, the company entered the flexible packaging market, a promising segment in the quest for lasting growth. Transcontinental launched its operations in this new segment with the strategic acquisition of the assets of Capri Packaging (now Transcontinental Capri), a flexible packaging supplier based in Clinton, Missouri.[11]

In 2015, Transcontinental concluded the transaction with TVA Group for the sale of its consumer magazines.[12][13] In 2017, the company chose to divest its local and regional media assets in order to refocus on its specialty media and educational publishing activities. On April 18, 2017, Transcontinental Inc. announced the launch of a process for the sale of TC Media's newspapers in Québec and Ontario. The sale process involved 93 local and regional publications and their related web properties, including the Métro Montreal newspaper.[14]

In 2018, TC Transcontinental reported the highest profitability in its history for a fourth consecutive year and acquired Coveris Americas, the largest acquisition in the Corporation’s history, which enabled TC Transcontinental to position itself as one of the top ten leaders in flexible packaging in North America.[15][16]

TC Transcontinental Packaging[edit]

TC Transcontinental entered the flexible packaging market in 2014[17]. Today, the organization positions itself as leader in flexible packaging in North America. It’s one of the biggest converters[disambiguation needed] in North America thanks to seizing opportunity through strategic acquisitions[18]:

  • 2015: acquisition of Ultra Flex Packaging (now Transcontinental Ultra Flex), based in Brooklyn, New York[19];
  • 2016: acquisition of Robbie Manufacturing (now Transcontinental Robbie)[20], based in Lenexa, Kansas, and Flexstar Packaging (now Transcontinental Flexstar)[21], based in Richmond, British Columbia;
  • 2017: acquisition of Les Industries Flexipak (now Transcontinental Flexipak)[22], a flexible packaging supplier located in Montréal, Québec;
  • 2018: Transformational acquisition of Coveris Americas, adding 21 production facilities to TC Transcontinental Packaging’s flexible packaging platform, for a total of 28. Another important acquisition: Multifilm Packaging Corporation, a leader in high-end confectionery packaging in North America based in Elgin, Illinois[23].

TC Transcontinental Packaging, the Packaging Sector of TC Transcontinental, has operations in Canada, United States as well as Guatemala, Mexico, Ecuador, United Kingdom, New Zealand and China. The sector has over 4,000 employees, the majority of which is based in the United States. Its platform consists of one premedia studio and 28 production plants specializing in extrusion, lamination, printing and converting.

TC Transcontinental Packaging offers a wide variety of flexible plastic and paper products. Its products include bags and pouches, Dartek films, forming films, multiwall paper bag, shrink bags, shrink films and Versaflex bagging equipment[24][25]. The sector services a variety of markets, including dairy, coffee, meat and poultry, pet food, agriculture, beverage, confectionery, industrial, consumer products and supermarkets[26][27].

TC Transcontinental Printing[edit]

TC Transcontinental Printing, the Printing Sector of TC Transcontinental, is the largest printer in Canada and one of the largest in North America[28][29][30].

The sector has over 4,300 employees and possesses a network of 16 state-of-the-art plants from coast to coast.

TC Transcontinental Printing provides an integrated service offering for retailers. It includes premedia services, flyer and in-store marketing product printing, and door-to-door distribution through Publisac in Québec and Targeo, a pan-Canadian distribution brokerage service. This sector also offers a wide variety of innovative print solutions for newspapers, magazines, 4-colour books but and personalized and mass marketing products.

TC Media[edit]

TC Media, the Media Sector of TC Transcontinental, is a leader in its specialty media segments in Canada and has over 350 employees. The sector has flagship brands catering for the business, finance, pension and benefits, insurance and construction sectors, including an event planning component[31]. TC Media is also positioned as Canada's largest publisher of French-language educational resources[32]. TC Media Books Inc. comprises Chenelière Éducation[33], Groupe Modulo[34], Éditions Transcontinental and Éditions Caractère, Québec's market leader in supplemental educational materials[35].


  • Isabelle Marcoux: Chairman of the Board, Transcontinental Inc.
  • François Olivier: President and Chief Executive Officer, Transcontinental Inc.
  • Nelson Gentiletti: Chief Financial and Development Officer, Transcontinental Inc.
  • Brian Reid: President, TC Transcontinental Printing and TC Transcontinental Packaging
  • Christine Desaulniers, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary, TC Transcontinental
  • Katya Laviolette, Chief Human Resources Officer, TC Transcontinental
  • Donald LeCavalier, Senior Vice President, Finance, TC Transcontinental


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