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Trio World Academy, Bengaluru
Trio World School
International School logo
3/5 Kodigehalli Main Road, Sahakar Nagar, Off Bellary Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka


Coordinates13°3′34″N 77°34′58″E / 13.05944°N 77.58278°E / 13.05944; 77.58278Coordinates: 13°3′34″N 77°34′58″E / 13.05944°N 77.58278°E / 13.05944; 77.58278
School typeInternational Day & Boarding School co-ed
MottoWe Encourage Learning
Sister schoolTots Preschool, Trio World School ICSE
ChairmanK N Manjunath
DirectorNaveen K M, Chethan K M
PrincipalVinod Singh
Age range3 years - 18 years
International students1300 students from 27 countries
ClassesNursery— Grade 12
Average class size25
Student to teacher ratio15:1
LanguageSpanish, French and Hindi
Campus size6 acres (24,000 m2)
SportsBasketball, Football, Swimming, Skating, Chess, Cricket, Table Tennis, Martial Arts, Wall Climbing etc.
AccreditationCIE (Cambridge International Examinations) IB (international baccalaureate), ICSE
USNWR rankingTop 3 International School in Bangalore
AffiliationsIGCSE, IB ICSE

Trio World Academy was established in 2007 in Sahakara Nagar, Bangalore, India. It is an international day and residential/boarding school offering IB Primary Year Program (IB PYP), Cambridge International Examinations (IGCSE) and IB diploma program (IB DP) and ICSE (In a separate Academic Block). It offers a weekly & yearly Boarding facility for Boys.The school is managed by TRIO Vidyakkendra Private Ltd., which is a subsidiary company of MCN group.[1] This group has recently announced plans to invest 100 crores in education by opening two more international schools in South India under the TRIO Educational Services (TES).[2][3]

The school employs a differential learning programme encompassing individual lesson plans for students. A moderation report is created for every child in the beginning of the academic year. The students in the class are divided into three groups based on their levels. Teachers teach the main content on the board, after which they move on from group to group and cater to differing abilities.[4][5] Theater[6] programs are used to introduce, teach, recap and assess lessons.[7]

The school represents students from over 28 countries.[8] The school observes Hindi Diwas, Peace Day, World Environment Day, Halloween, Christmas,[9] Holi, Annual Day, Diwali, Women's Day,[10] International Yoga Day[11] DEAR (Drop everything & Read) and International Francophonie Day each year.[12]

The Academy has invited Professor and Director of National Museum of Natural History Paris, Gilles Boeuf, to talk about the importance of bio-diversity and oceans.[13] They also conduct an annual science, Entrepreneurship & Math Week.[14] A session with Farmers to interact & understand about Water Crisis in the country,[15] Week without Walls,[16] Earth Day Celebration,[17] Sessions with World renowned Musicians & Artists,[18][19][20] Annual Day to give a message on Climate Change.[21] The Kabir project, was an initiative by primary and middle school students of Trio World Academy. It explored how his poetry interconnects with ideas of cultural identity, secularism, nationalism, religion, love and impermanence. The Project was an initiative to familiarise them with one of the most influential poets of the 15th century and spark their interest in literature.[22]

The school has a TEDEd club[23] It has ties to Alliance française de Bangalore, FCB Barca Academy[24] & Royal Society of Chemistry,[25] London. It offers over $50,000 worth academic & Sports scholarship every year to the students.[26][27]

Trio World School ICSE[edit]

The ICSE wing of School is known as Trio World School. The school follows a customized ICSE curriculum.[28] It advocates the use of ICT in education to eventually reduce the load of school bags. It uses a Learning Management System for its middle school. The school uses tablets preloaded with digitised textbooks, embedded multimedia lessons and practice tests.[29]

It also a Music Programme from SaPa, Arts & Sports. Cellist Audun André Sandvik has performed with students.[30]

Awards and Recognitions[edit]

  1. The management & students have collected fund to provide over 4000 notebooks, 100 tracksuits, plates glass and mats to the govt. school student at Kodigehalli.[31]
  2. The school saves over 50 lakh litre of water annually through rain water harvesting & bore-well recharge technique [32][33]
  3. The school has been awarded FIT India certificate by the Ministry of Sports, India.
  4. TRIO World Academy commemorate the Centenary of the First World War (WW1) by making trenched in the campus.[34]
  5. Chosen for "Global Collaborative Learning Environments" at World Education Summit in Dubai, 2017[35][36]
  6. Received Jury choice Award for "Best International School" in India by Education Magazine in 2017[37]
  7. Awarded Best School Brand in India by Economic Times, 2016 in New Delhi.[38][39]
  8. Limca Book of Record for Highest collection of E waste by Students to promote recycle of e waste[40]
  9. Named Best International school in Bangalore by Brands Academy in August 2015.[41] Lisa Ray presented the award to Head of School Mr. Vinod Singh.
  10. Named Asia's Best & Fastest Growing Private Educational Institutes by World Consulting & Research Corporation (WCRC) and I brands 360 at Singapore.[42]
  11. Ranked 3rd best International Day Boarding School in Karnataka by C-fore survey in 2014, which has conducted surveys in 21 cities and education hubs across India to rate 725 schools in September 2013.[43]
  12. Named Most Promising International School by Brand Achievers in New Delhi.[44] This award was presented by Shekhar Suman.
  13. Ranked 9th in all of India for Academic Reputation by C-Ffore and Education World in 2014[45][46]
  14. Ranked 3rd Best International School in Bangalore by Thinkvidya survey and ranked 1st for child Safety & Security.[47]
  15. Ranked Top 10 Best Schools in India by Indy's Group in Mumbai, 2015.[48]
  16. Ranked Top 20 International Schools in India by Brainfeed Magazine in New Delhi.[49]
  17. Named Best Emerging School in India by e-lets Media, in New Delhi.[50]
  18. Named Best upcoming International School in Bangalore by Brand Academy in 2010.[51]

Achievements in Sports and extracurricular activities[edit]

  1. Arav Nallur of grade 4 (9 years) has appeared for IGCSE exam and scored A+ grade in all subjects with 88% in advanced Math[52][53]
  2. Our ex student Anjalai Anish who has won Times Fresh face contest is set to debut in a Film name Padavi Poorva [54]
  3. Dheemanth Suddekunte and Gautam Saravanan of Grade 3 won in the National Junior Robotics Sumo Wrestling competition[55]
  4. 4 students from the school represented India at the International Youth Leadership & Innovation Forum in Singapore[56]
  5. 16-year-old (at the time) Karun Divij Balachandar (CIE) wrote a book titled "The Teenager’s Guide to The Universe".[57]
  6. Nikaya of IGCSE got the highest marks in sociology in India, 2015-16 session.[58]
  7. Virat Karan, Youngest (1.10 years) child artist in India. His paintings can be seen at Sublime Gallery, UB City.[59][60]
  8. 3rd grade student Raghav Bhatia won gold at the Karnataka State Level Swimming Championship Freestyle Relay in 2015.[61]
  9. LiveJam performed at the school in 2014 as part of their Break-free Tour.[62]
  10. Musical performance at Christmas Bazar, organised by Overseas Women Club, Bengaluru.
  11. Vanessa Job, a teacher at the school, won the World 10k Bangalore women's category in 2014.[63]
  12. 11th grade student Vrushank Balu won the last leg of the South Zone Golf Tour in June 2014.[64]
  13. 4th grade student Arjun Bharat won the World School Chess Trophy in the under 9 category in Singapore[65][66] and Canadian Open Chess Championship in Toronto in 2008.[67]

Community service[edit]

  1. Our grade 11 students hosted sports day for Kodigehalli Government school children on our campus[68]
  2. On the occasion of Daan Utsav Our students have donated Track Suits,Plates and carpets for junior classes for the students of Kodigehalli Govt Primary School.[69][70]
  3. Students from the school volunteered at refugee centre in France[71][72]
  4. Saaket Ram Kavuri, Grade 2 student is planting tree saplings around Bangalore[73]
  5. Preschool students served and fed helping staff on the occasion of Thanks Giving Day.[74][75]
  6. TRIO partnered with Parikarma Humanity Foundation to transform Kodigehalli Primary Government run School in Bengaluru.[76][77]
  7. Students collected waste of approximately 294 kg to create awareness about recycling in Bangaluru and registered in Limca Book of record.[78][79]
  8. Students celebrated Diwali with underprivileged children in Bangalore.[80]
  9. Students sponsored raincoats with reflectors for Bangalore traffic police.[81][82]
  10. Middle school students initiated a grey water harvesting project for water conservation, to help the neighboring Kodigehalli Government School.[83]
  11. Students, teachers and parents donated approximately Rs 20,000 for victims of the April 2015 Nepal earthquake[84]
  12. Under the Swatch Bharat program, students developed eco-friendly dustbins that can easily segregate plastic and paper. It was donated to the Sahakar Nagar locality.[85]
  13. Students collected funds for a Government School in Kodigehalli to buy books, shoes and uniforms for underprivileged children, and adopted the school.[86]
  14. The students, with the help of Fair Trade India, made India's largest T-shirt and the world's largest sustainable T-shirt made out of fair trade and organic cotton. It was unveiled at the campus. Approximately 380 kg of cotton seed was used to create a total of 5,140 km length of cotton yarn, which weighed about 94 kg.[87][88]
  15. Students participated in World Environment Day with the motto "Save species Save Life" on 5 June 2014 at Cubbon Park.[89]
  16. Students, through a book fair, collected approximately 125,000 for the critical surgery of an abandoned baby girl.[90]
  17. Students raised funds for victims of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake,[91] 2010 Haiti earthquake,[92] and for Jammu & Kashmir flood victims[93]
  18. Middle & High schools students made & planted over 5000 seeds balls in Bengaluru Urban forest in 2011[94]

Trio Tots Preschool[edit]

It has been awarded for its Innovation in Preschool Curriculum[95] at the World Education Summit 2015 in New Delhi.The award was presented by then Deputy CM of New Delhi .[96] It has presently centers in Sahakar Nagar. It is a feeder school of Trio World School ICSE wing.


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