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Trumped! was an American daily talk radio program that was hosted by American businessman and investor Donald J. Trump. It ran from June 14, 2004[1] and ended probably sometime in 2008. An old newspaper from the year the program premiered gives a length of two minutes for the program.[2]

On the program, Trump talked and expressed his vantage point about many different topics, which included current events, life, sports, entertainment, finance, economics, business, real estate, and politics.[3][4][5][6]

By 2009, the Trump Organization's website was talking about the program as something that no longer was.[7] Mary Jo DiLonardo,[8] executive producer for the program, states she had that position until June 2008;[9] this probably also was the end of the program.

Radio stations[edit]

Trumped! was on over 400 radio stations in various locations around the United States.


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