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For the book, see Trumped! (book).

Trumped! was an American daily talk radio program that was hosted by American businessman and investor Donald J. Trump. It ran from June 14, 2004[1] and probably ended in 2008. An old newspaper from the year the program premiered gives a length of two minutes for the program.[2]

On the program, Trump talked and expressed his vantage point about many different topics, which included current events, life, sports, entertainment, finance, economics, business, real estate, and politics.[3][4][5][6]

By 2009, the Trump Organization's website was talking about the program as something that no longer was.[7] Mary Jo DiLonardo,[8] executive producer for the program, states she had that position until June 2008;[9] this probably also was the end of the program.

Radio stations[edit]

Trumped! was on over 400 radio stations in various locations around the United States.


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