Tugurt language

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Oued Righ Berber
تاشلحيت Tašəlḥit
Native to Algeria
Region Oued Righ (wilaya of Ouargla)
Native speakers
6,000 (1995)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 tjo
Glottolog tema1243[2]
Mzab-Wargla Berberophone areas.PNG
Berber-speaking areas of the Mzab, Ouargla, and Oued Righ

The Tugurt language, also known as Oued Righ Berber and Temacine Tamazight, is a Zenati Berber variety spoken in some of the oases of the northeastern Oued Righ region around Touggourt in Algeria. As of 1893, its main speech area was in Temacine, Blidet-Amor, Meggarine and Ghomra.[3] It is closely related to the nearby Tumzabt (Mozabite) and Teggargrent (Ouargli) languages.[citation needed]


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