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Twigworth War Memorial, with St Matthew's Church in the background

Twigworth is a small village near Gloucester in the Borough of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England. The population of Twigworth Parish was 340 people in mid-2014 in 170 households.[1] A planning application for 725 new homes in the parish of Twigworth was approved in December 2017. [2]

The place-name 'Twigworth' is first attested in 1220, as 'Twigeworth', and is thought to mean 'enclosure made of twigs'.[3]

There is a church, dedicated to St Matthew.[4] The poet and composer Ivor Gurney is buried in the churchyard.


Coordinates: 51°53′54″N 2°13′28″W / 51.8984°N 2.2244°W / 51.8984; -2.2244