UFO Robot Grendizer vs. Great Mazinger

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UFO Robot Grendizer vs. Great Mazinger
Poster of UFO Robot Grendizer vs. Great Mazinger
UFOロボ グレンダイザー対グレートマジンガー
(UFO Robo Gurendaizā tai Gurēto Majingā)
Genre Action, mecha
Anime film
Directed by Osamu Kasai
Produced by Chiaki Imada
Written by Keisuke Fujikawa
Music by Shunsuke Kikuchi
Michiaki Watanabe
Studio Toei Doga, Dynamic Planning
Released March 20, 1976
Runtime 27 minutes
Written by Go Nagai
Illustrated by Ken Ishikawa
Published by Kodansha
Magazine TV Magazine
Published April 1976
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UFO Robot Grendizer vs. Great Mazinger (UFOロボ グレンダイザー対グレートマジンガー, UFO Robo Gurendaizā tai Gurēto Majingā) is a 1976 animated short film that crosses over Go Nagai's super robots Grendizer and Great Mazinger. The movie features alternate versions of events from both series, and, as with the rest of the Vs. films, is not canonical to either one. The film was released in almost all countries where the original Grendizer and Great Mazinger series were also shown, most prominently in Italy, France and the Middle East.


After many attempts to destroy Grendizer and conquer earth, King Vega[who?] sends General Barendos and his troops in a special mission. Before landing, Barendos stops at moonbase and warns the two officials there that in case of his success they will be both dismissed and killed. Barendos arrives on earth and captures Duke Fleed's closest ally, Koji Kabuto. While under a mind control in captivity, Koji[who?] reveals the history and location of both Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger[further explanation needed]. The Vega Empire seized the opportunity to capture the Great Mazinger and forces Duke and his Grendizer to do battle against Great Mazinger[further explanation needed]. Grendizer and Great Mazinger clash in battle until Grendizer manages to deactivate Great Mazinger using a special shot, suggested by Koji.


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