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Alliance EPP: European People's Party UK[1][2][3]
LeaderDirk Hazell
HeadquartersOffice 103, 405 Kings Road, London, SW10 0BB
Political positionCentre-right
European affiliationEuropean People's Party[3]
ColoursBlue, gold and red

The Alliance EPP: European People's Party UK, also known as UK EPP and the 4 Freedoms Party, is a pro-European Union, centre-right political party in the United Kingdom. It first contested an election at the 2014 European Parliament elections.[4]

The party is critical of the Conservative Party's departure from the European People's Party in 2009 and opposes calls for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. It positions itself as a conservative, pro-European alternative to the Conservative Party and the UK Independence Party, who it condemns as "Britain's hard right".[5] The party calls for EU reform and a greater focus on jobs and training.[6] It expresses support for Franklin D. Roosevelt's Four Freedoms, in addition to the EU's Four Freedoms.[7] The party leader is Dirk Hazell, who is a former Conservative councillor[8] and has been a candidate for the Liberal Democrats. The UK EPP affiliates itself with the European People's Party.

In 2014, the party fielded candidates for the European election in the London constituency only.[9] It polled 28,014 votes across the city and failed to win any seats.


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