Ulmus 'Coolshade'

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Ulmus hybrid cultivar
RN Ulmus Coolshade, Brighton.JPG
'Coolshade', Tenantry Down Road, Brighton, UK, in 2007.
Hybrid parentage U. rubra × U. pumila
Cultivar 'Coolshade'
Origin Sarcoxie, Missouri, USA

Ulmus 'Coolshade' is an American hybrid cultivar cloned from a crossing of the Slippery, or Red, Elm Ulmus rubra (female parent) and the Siberian Elm Ulmus pumila at the Sarcoxie Nurseries, Sarcoxie, Missouri, in 1946.


RN Ulmus Coolshade leaves.JPG

'Coolshade' has rapid, stocky growth with a compact crown resistant to breakage under ice and snow; its foliage a very dark green.[1][2]

Pests and diseases[edit]

Reputedly tolerant of Dutch elm disease, 'Coolshade' has not been tested by inoculation to determine the degree of resistance.


'Coolshade' was raised to create a disease-resistant tree that would not suffer the storm damage frequently sustained by the weak-wooded U. pumila. The tree was introduced to the UK in the 1960s.

Notable trees[edit]

The UK TROBI Champion grows at Ryecroft, Whitehawk Road, Brighton; planted in 1964, it measured 20 m high by 78 cm d.b.h. in 2009. [3]



North America[edit]



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