Ulmus laevis 'Urticifolia'

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Ulmus laevis 'Urticifolia'
SpeciesUlmus laevis

The European White Elm cultivar Ulmus laevis 'Urticifolia' known as the Nettle Leaved Elm was raised by Jacques as a chance seedling in 1830, and propagated by grafting.[1] It was later mentioned by de Vries in 1906.[2][3]


Jacques described the leaves as looking like those of the ordinary nettle.[1] An 'Urticifolia' was described as having deeply toothed leaves, the teeth unequal and very pointed.[4] However, there were other elm cultivars named similarly to 'Urticifolia',[5] and so the description may not be of this U. laevis clone.


No specimens are known to survive.


Not known.


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