United States Senate elections, 1840

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United States Senate elections, 1840
United States
1838 ←
November 1840 → 1842

? seats in the United States Senate
  Majority party Minority party
Party Whig Democratic
Last election 23 seats 29 seats
Seats won 29 22
Seat change Increase 6 Decrease 7

Majority Party before election

Democratic Party

Elected Majority Party

Whig Party

The United States Senate election of 1840 was an election which, corresponding with their Party's success in the 1840 Presidential election, had the Whig Party take control of the United States Senate.

As this election was prior to ratification of the seventeenth amendment, Senators were chosen by State legislatures..


27th Congress (1841–1843)

  • Majority Party: Whig (29)
  • Minority Party: Democratic (22)
  • Other Parties: (0)
  • Vacant: (1)
  • Total Seats: 52

Senate composition before and after elections[edit]

Senate composition at the
end of the 26th Congress
  D7 D17   D27 W16 W6
D8 D18 D28 W15 W5
D9 D19 D29 W14 W4
D10 D20 W23 W13 W3
D1 D11 D21 W22 W12 W2
D2 D12 D22 W21 W11 W1
D3 D13 D23 W20 W10  
D4 D14 D24 W19 W9
D5 D15 D25 W18 W8
D6 D16 D26 W17 W7
Senate composition at the
beginning of the 27th Congress
  D7 D17   W26 W16 W6
D8 D18 W25 W15 W5
D9 D19 W24 W14 W4
D10 D20 W23 W13 W3
D1 D11 D21 W22 W12 W2
D2 D12 D22 W21 W11 W1
D3 D13 V W20 W10  
D4 D14 W29 W19 W9
D5 D15 W28 W18 W8
D6 D16 W27 W17 W7
Key: D = Democratic [Bracketed] seat changed parties
[Data unknown/missing. You can help!]
V = Vacant
W = Whig

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