Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo

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Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo
MottoNeo Mundi Decanatus (Latin)
Motto in English
Deanery of the New World
FounderJosé Gabriel García and Emiliano Tejera
RectorEmma Polanco
Academic staff
Students170,530 (2010)
Av. Alma Mater, Ciudad Universitaria, D.N. de Sto. Dgo.
ColorsBlue and white    

The Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD) (Autonomous University of Santo Domingo) is the public university system in the Dominican Republic with its flagship campus in the Ciudad Universitaria (lit. University City) neighborhood of Santo Domingo and with regional campuses in many cities of the Republic. It was founded by Jose Gabriel Garcia and Emiliano Tejera in 1866 as the Professional Institute, replacing the former Universidad Santo Tomás de Aquino, one of the first universities of the Western Hemisphere (Americas), which was founded unofficially by a Papal bull in 1538, officially by royal decree in 1558, and closed in 1822. It was later renamed University of Santo Domingo in 1914.

In structure, the school followed the model of the University of Alcalá de Henares. The university organized its offerings into four schools: Medicine, Law, Theology, and the Arts. Today,[when?] the university has expanded to eight schools: Humanities, the Arts, Law and Political Science, Health Sciences, Economics and Social Sciences, Science, Engineering and Architecture, and Agricultural Sciences.


The university traces its foundations to a Dominican seminary established in 1518. This was raised to the status of a university by the Papal Bull In Apostolatus Culmine, issued by Pope Paul III on 28 October 1538, and granted the same rights and powers as the Spanish University of Alcalá de Henares. It was initially organised in four faculties, following the pattern of medieval European universities: Theology, Law, Medicine and Arts.[1]

In 1801, the university was suspended due to the Haitian occupation; it reopened in 1815 after Spanish colonial rule was restored under the rectorship of Dr José Núñez de Cáceres. However, it was forced to close again in 1822 due to the conscription of its students. After the Dominican Republic was established in 1844, an attempt to reopen the university was made by President Pedro Santana in 1859, but this was unsuccessful.[1]

In 1866 the Instituto Profesional (Professional Institute) was created by Jose Gabriel Garcia and Emiliano Tejera in Santo Domingo, providing higher education in the city. This was closed in 1891 but reopened in 1895. On 16 November 1914, President Ramón Báez (who was also rector of the institute) raised it to university status under the name "University of Santo Domingo". This new university was forced to close by the US occupation from 1916 to 1924. After the start of the dictatorship of Rafael Leonidas Trujillo in 1930, the university was unable to operate independently; it was only on 31 December 1961, after Trujillo's death, that a law was passed restoring its autonomy.[1]


The authorities for the period 2018–2022 are:


The Humanities Faculty is formed of the Schools of Social Communication, Philosophy and Anthropology, History, Foreign Language, Literature and Psychology Schools.[2]

The Pedro Mir Library
  • Dean: Prof. Augusto Bravo
  • Deputy Dean: Prof. Amelia Milagros Salas
  • Director of Social Communication School: Prof. Patricio Jovanny Matos
  • Director of Philosophy School: Prof. Francisco Acosta
  • Director of History and Anthropology School: Prof. Dioris O. Antigua Correa
  • Director of Literature School: Prof. Ramón Morel Félix
  • Director of Pedagogy School: Prof. Maestro Víctor Encarnación
  • Director of Psychology School: Prof. Yosijo Docar Ajitas
  • Director of Professional Orientention School: Lic. Irene López Severino
  • Director of Foreign language School: Prof. Ramón E. Rodríguez Espinal
  • Director of Postgraduate education:

Agronomy and veterinary sciences[edit]

A building at Agronomy and Veterinary Sciences, Autonomous University of Santo Domingo

The Agronomy and Veterinary Sciences Faculty is formed of the Schools of Agronomic Engineering, Zootechnics and Veterinary Science Schools.[3]

  • Prof. Ramona Y. Medina Colón, Doyenne
  • Mtro. Julio C. Borbón, Associate Dean
  • Mtro. Angel R. Pimentel Pujols, Director of the School of Agronomic Engineering
  • Prof. Teresa Peguero, Director School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Mtro. Angel R. Pimentel Pujols, Director of the School of Agronomic Engineering
  • Mtro. Rubén I. Almonte Morrobel, Director School of Animal Husbandry
  • Mtro. Angel Roberto Sánchez Percinal, Director of Postgraduate and Continuing Education
  • Mtro. Luis A. Matos Married, Director of Scientific Research
  • Mtro. Emigdio S. Gómez Rivas, Director of the National Institute of Agricultural Research
  • Prof. Raysa E. Reyes, Director of the Institute for the Study of Zoonotic Diseases
  • Mtro. Maximum J. Halpay, Director of the Sectorial Office of Planning and Institutional Development
  • Mtro. César A. Díaz Alcántara, Teacher Delegate
  • Prof. Argentina A. Figueroa, Teacher Delegate

Laws and political sciences[edit]

The Law and Political Science Faculty is formed of the Schools of Law and Political Science Schools.[4]

The Law and Political Science Faculty award the titles of Licentiate in Law and Licentiate in Political Science; the latter has three majors: Internationals Studies, Socioeconomics Studies and Internationals Relationship. The Criminology Institute is a part of the Faculty.

  • Mtro. Bautista López García, Dean
  • Dra. Rosalía Sosa Pérez, Associate Doyenne
  • Mtro. Hector Pereyra Espaillat, Director School of Law
  • Mtro. Adonis Martin, Director School of Political Science
  • Juana Inés Ferreira, M.A., Director of Postgraduate and Permanent Education
  • Martirés Familia Aquino, M.A., Director of Investigations
  • Heidi Céspedes, M.A., Director of Continuing Education
  • Martín Montilla Luciano, M.A., Monographic Courses Coordinator
  • Jaime Francisco Rodríguez, M.A., Director of the Institute for Legal and Political Research
  • Carlos Mesa, M.A., Director of the Institute of Criminology
  • Mildred Beltré, M.A., Director of the Sectorial Office for Institutional Planning and Development
  • Lcda. Giovanni Romero, administrative coordinator

Economics and social sciences[edit]

By Law 4412 of 24 March 1956 the University Organization Law of 21 October 1937 was modified, adding the Economics and Commerce Faculty to the existing faculties. The new faculty would award the degrees of Licentiate in Commercial Science and Doctor in Economics and Commercial Science.[5]

At the same time, Law 4413 decreed that the four courses "of the second cycle of the Superior School of Accountant Technician, established by the decree 2383... were assigned to the Economics and Commerce Faculty of the Santo Domingo University from 12 October 1956, under the name of Commercial Science Department".

Undergraduate students at the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo

The Law 4439 dated 4 May 1956 changed the name of the "Economics and Commerce Faculty" to the "Economics, Finance and Commerce Faculty". This same law authorized to the graduates of the Superior School of Accountant Technician, with the title of Accountant Technician "provides them with licence to practice the profession of Authorized Public Accountant and carry the title in Commercial Science and allows them to opt for the Doctorate in Commercial Science by the presentation of a thesis, following the regulation dictated by the University Council".

In 1960, Law 5130 changed the "Economics, Finance and Commerce Faculty" to the "Economic Science Faculty" and included the Public Administration School. The Organic statute approved by the University Cloister in 1966, gave the faculty with its current name of the "Economics and Social Sciences Faculty".

Currently, the Economics and Social Sciences Faculty is formed of the Schools of Economics, Accountant, Statistics, Sociology, Marketing and Administration Schools.

The authorities for the period 2008–2011 are:

  • Dean: Prof. Juan Antonio Cerda Luna
  • Deputy Dean: Prof. Ramón Desangles
  • Director of Economics School: Prof. Melvin Pérez Sarraf
  • Director of Administration School: Prof. Alixis Martínez
  • Director of Marketing School: Prof. José Antonio Burgos
  • Director of Accountant School: Prof. Norberto Hernández
  • Director of Statistic School: Prof. Francisco Roa Familia
  • Director of Sociology School: Prof. Marisela Duval Pérez
  • Director of Postgraduate:

Engineering and architecture[edit]

The Engineering and Architecture Faculty is formed of the Schools of Architecture, Electromechanics Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Surveying and Industrial Engineering Schools.[6]


The Science Faculty is constituted of the Schools of Biology, Geographic Science, Physics, Mathematics, Microbiology and Parasitology, Chemistry and Computing Schools.[7]

Health sciences[edit]

The Health Sciences Faculty formed of the Schools of Pharmacy, Imaging, Infirmary, Odontology, Bioanalysis, Medicine, Public Health, Nursing, Physiology and Morphology Schools.[8]

The arts[edit]

The Arts Faculty is formed of the Schools of Criticism and History of Art, Publicity, Theater, Music, Film, Television and Photography, Industrial Design and Fashion and Plastic Arts Schools.[9]

  • Mtro. Dione Rufino, Dean
  • Prof. Arelis Subero, Vice Dean
  • Mtro. Amable Sterling, Meritorious Professor
  • Mtro. Norberto Santana, Merit Professor
  • Dr. Fidel Munnigh, Director of the School of Criticism and Art History
  • Mtro. Luis Casado Martínez, Director of the School of Advertising
  • Dr. Arístides Radhamés Polanco, Director of the School of Theater and Dance
  • Prof. Larisa Jouk, Director of the School of Music
  • Dr. Odalís Pérez, Director of the Film, TV and Photography School
  • Prof. Rosmery Paulino, Director School of Industrial Design and Fashion
  • Mtro. Eliosnet Vidal, Director School of Plastic Arts
  • Prof. Orfila Rodríguez, Postgraduate Director
  • Dr. Leini Guerrero, Director of Research
  • Mtro. Juan Jorge Rodríguez, Teacher Representative


  • Mtro. Roberto Germán, Director of Oseplandi
  • Mtro. Maxy Israel, Director of the Thesis Unit
  • Mtro. José Luis Cabral, Director of Continuing Unit

University authorities, 2018–2022[edit]

  • Rector Emma Polanco Melo
  • Educational vice-rector: Alejandro Ozuna Morla.
  • Vice-rector of Research and Postgraduates: Mauro Canario .
  • Administrative vice rector: Pablo Valdez.
  • Vice-rector of Extension: Antonio E. Medina Calcaño.

Notable faculty[edit]

Notable alumni[edit]

Former Instituto Profesional (1866-1914)

University of Santo Domingo (1914–present)


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