Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

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Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
Developer(s) Supermassive Games
Publisher(s) Sony Interactive Entertainment
Composer(s) Jason Graves
Engine Decima
Platform(s) PlayStation 4
  • WW: 13 October 2016
Genre(s) Arcade, survival horror, first-person shooter
Mode(s) Single-player

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is an arcade survival horror first-person shooter developed by Supermassive Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, released on 13 October 2016 worldwide for PlayStation VR headset on PlayStation 4. It is a direct spin-off from Until Dawn and features the player riding a horror-themed roller coaster while shooting at inanimate objects and live enemies.


The game is a direct spin-off from Until Dawn. The player plays on a roller coaster cart while going through a horror-themed carnival amusement park which grows more intense as the player progresses through the game.[1] The game features seven different roller coasters that feature some of the same locations and characters from its brethren although different themes, and are quickly loaded by default with handguns, although other weapons such as grenade launchers will be available.[2]


After the successful release of Until Dawn, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood was rumoured to be in development on October 2015, and was fully announced as a title for the PlayStation VR in November.[3][4][5] It was also announced in December that the game was also developed using the Decima game engine that was modified with Havok physics from Until Dawn,[6] and was previewed at PlayStation Experience the same month.[7] On September, the trophies for the game were added to the PlayStation Network.[8]


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