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Monterrey, MX
Map of location of Monterrey, Nuevo León
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About me...
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About me

This is me.

I'm a Wikipedia enthusiast from the city of Monterrey, located to the northeast of the country. As a patriot Mexican I want the world to really know my country, the present-day Mexico, especially because Hollywood cliches tend to give people a very bad, totally wrong idea of what Mexico is. I like writing in Wikipedia and it has become my main hobby. I'm here to contribute in topics related with Mexico's history, culture, values and political status in Latin America and the world. I also enjoy writing about North America, Latin America and about geography-related articles.

I'm currently a full-time activist in my city, working with the organization Frente Nuevo León.

As a web and graphical designer, I have the skills to produce high quality images and graphics, so I have found myself creating maps and taking pictures to illustrate several articles... and I'm enjoying it a lot!

Thanks for reading!
Alejandro Covarrubias


List of my creations

Mexican Patriotic Symbols images
Articles I'm developing