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The Signpost
27 February 2017

What this is[edit]

So basically, after seeing (and correcting) the blatant vandalization of the 2006 FIFA World Cup page, I figured I had to register on wikipedia, since it was 'about time'.

It's a pretty interesting system, and I've seen it used to power all sorts of web applications, from wiki sites, to full fledged websites.

Also, I'm Eurasian, or Hapa, depending on which term you prefer to us. And to be frank, you probably already know more information than I'd disclose to a complete stranger/bot/etc. anyways.

If you're a :Scepia/cryptologist, scientist, or university student, or proficient at various languages (Arabic, Chinese, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Russian, Urdu) or hail from interesting countries, or otherwise are not interested in proselytizing me, or selling me anything, then drop me an email.

Alternatively, if your name is Mira Sorvino, or Angelina Jolie, please feel encouraged to contact me as soon as possible.


Sometimes I get fanmail, and sometimes I will reply and post both the fanmail and my reply here.


This user rocks so hard the world spins on HIS axis. The coolest and officially the HOTTEST math geek ever, he saves the world from nonbelievers of math on a daily basis, so we can all be better off in general. Women love this user. He is Da Man.

— From this user's numero uno groupie...Captain Kirketta of the Starship Enterprise

Dear Kirketta,

Thanks for the praise. I would like to point out however that the world does not spin on my axis and I am very grateful for that as the physical consequences of that disturb me.

— Bajnyhnoj

Dear Bajnyhnoj,

Thanks for all the help! I don't think I could have finished this project without you man. We should do this again sometime. Hey, nice work on the fjords, they look great! Peace,

— God


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