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Pages I have started[edit]

These are the pages I have started, in roughly time order in each section. In most cases, the page was started entirely from scratch, even if they are in some cases only stubs. Articles that later became redirects are not included.

Computational & other Chemistry pages[edit]

Modern valence bond theory - VB codes - Huckel method - INDO - ZINDO - SINDO - NDDO - MINDO - Zero-differential overlap - Quadratic configuration interaction - Generalized Valence Bond - Unrestricted Hartree-Fock - Restricted Open-shell Hartree-Fock - AMPAC - Davidson correction - TURBOMOLE - CRYSTAL - JAGUAR - CADPAC - GAMESS (US) - GAMESS (UK) - Jmol - Semi-empirical quantum chemistry methods - Computational chemical methods in solid state physics - Ab initio quantum chemistry methods - Chemistry education - Sanibel Symposium - Quantum chemistry composite methods - Quantum chemistry computer programs

Chemist Biography pages[edit]

Henry F. Schaefer, III - Roy McWeeny - John Wilfrid Linnett - Michael J. S. Dewar - David P. Craig - William A. Goddard, III - Ernest R. Davidson - Werner Kutzelnigg - Leo Radom - Trygve Helgaker - Rodney J. Bartlett, Peter Pulay, Clemens C. J. Roothaan, George G. Hall, S. Francis Boys - Isaiah Shavitt - Raymond Daudel - Bernard Pullman - Alberte Pullman - H. Christopher Longuet-Higgins - A. David Buckingham - Georg Ludwig Carius - Davorin Dolar - Franz Joseph Emil Fischer - David Rivett - Sir Ronald Sydney Nyholm - J. R. Partington

United Kingdom[edit]

University Sporting Blue - Paul Wellings (academic) - Litton, North Yorkshire


Bayero University - Ibrahim H. Umar

Papua New Guinea[edit]



Eric Johnston - Austin Asche - Litchfield, Northern Territory - Stephen Hatton - Nigel Scullion - Royal Australian Chemical Institute - Victorian College of Pharmacy - Royal Society of Victoria - Athenaeum, Melbourne - St John's College, University of Sydney - Tahbilk

Chemical Journals[edit]

Faraday Discussions - Education in Chemistry - Faraday Transactions - Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics - Chemical Society Reviews - Dalton Transactions - Perkin Transactions I - Perkin Transactions II - Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry - Green Chemistry - Chemistry Education Research and Practice - Chemistry: A European Journal - Chemistry Letters - Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan - Helvetica Chimica Acta - Canadian Journal of Chemistry - Journal of Chemical Physics - Journal of Biological Chemistry - Langmuir - Inorganic Chemistry - Theoretical Chemistry Accounts - Environmental Chemistry - Australian Journal of Chemistry - Proceedings of the Chemical Society - Journal of the Royal Institute of Chemistry - Analytical Abstracts - Chemical Physics Letters - International Journal of Quantum Chemistry - Chemical Physics


The Scout Association of PNG - Scouting on the Solomon Islands - Scouting in Vanuatu - World Scout Indaba - Cook Islands Boy Scout Association - Scout and Guide Graduate Association - Chief Scout (United Kingdom) - Scouting in Victoria - Scouting in the Northern Territory - Scouting in South Australia - Scouting in the Australian Capital Territory - Scouting in Queensland - Scouting in Western Australia - Scouting in Tasmania - Scouting in New South Wales - Australian Scout Jamboree - Baden-Powell Guild (Australia) - Scouts (Australia) - Joey Scouts (Australia) - The Girl Guides Association of the Solomon Islands - Girl Guides Association of Papua New Guinea - Guides Australia - Guides New Zealand - Scouting in Sweden - Scouting in Northern Ireland - Scouting in Wales - Scouting in Greater London - Jack Petchey - Scouting in North West England - Scouting in North East England - Scouting in Yorkshire and the Humber - Scouting in East Midlands - Scouting in South East England - Scouting in South West England - Scouting in West Midlands - Scouting in Scotland - Girlguiding North West England - Girlguiding South West England - Joyce Price

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