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Articles I have started[edit]

  1. Walter D.M. Bell
  2. Charles Edward Chapel
  3. Michelle Pettigrove
  4. Alured de Valer
  5. Charles Douglas Eastaughffe
  6. Frank Eastaughffe
  7. Hick’s Hall
  8. Parkavonear Castle
  9. Aghadoe
  10. Clairvaux McKillop College
  11. George Gravatt
  12. Maurice Fitzgerald, 14th Knight of Kerry
  13. Knight of Kerry
  14. Rick Mofina
  15. Eileen Sheehan
  16. Thomas FitzMaurice, 1st Earl of Kerry
  17. Elizabeth Dowdall
  18. Muckie
  19. Kangaroo and Map
  20. Bony (Fictional Character)
  21. Alastair McLeod
  22. Candy Devine
  23. Henry Deringer (Senior)
  24. Dolly Dyer
  25. Torc Waterfall


  1. Sir John Orpen
  2. Hardress Waller
  3. Dame Honora O'Brien
  4. Knights of Kerry
  5. Elizabeth Waller, Baroness Shelburne
  6. List of regicides of Charles I
  7. Sir Maurice Crosbie

The Knights of Kerry[edit]

  1. Sir Richard Fitzmaurice 1st Knight of Kerry
  2. Maurice Fitzrichard 2nd Knight of Kerry
  3. Maurice Fitzgerald, 14th Knight of Kerry

The Barons Kerry[edit]

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