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Gaurav Pruthi

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Behave like a BrandonKey Professional.jpg , look like a Abby Norman.jpg and work like a Pug 600.jpg.Wikipedia is a playground for those who are fair in their judgement and values and I am one of them ;). I love playing Table tennis, listening to Podcasts, editing Wikipedia, learning through Coursera and reading Non-fiction. Most of my work is cited and attributed in Indian rocketry, Satellite systems, satellite buses and increasing the exposure of Indian Space Programme. I'm trying to contribute without being cynical to the community and helpful for the newcomers who would like to take forward this noteworthy initiative :).

Articles created :[edit]


  1. Samsung India Software Center  Done
  2. Paradip Refinery  Done

Art & Music[edit]

  1. The Vinyl Records  Done


  1. Versatile Service Engine  Done

Space Technology[edit]


  1. Ordnance Cable Factory Chandigarh  Done
  2. National Academy of Defence Production  Done


  1. Bhagat Phool Singh Mahila Vishwavidyalaya  Done

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