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Nosy one, aren't you?

If you're here, you've found my secret "to do" list, which really shouldn't be of interest to you. Nonetheless, while you're here, please leave a sign to let me know you've been snooping. Thanks.


Fixing links[edit]

  • Putin, Vladamir Putin, President Putin, Vladmir Putin,
  • Medvedev
  • Future plans - Remove redundancy -- all plans are for the future - planning for the past would be pointless
  • "on-air talent" avoid industry jargon; fix headings caps per [[WP:HEAD]]; fix grammar (use "it" for a single subject, like a TV station)
  • DK, VHP,
  • "was a former" || "was" is the past tense - "was a former" is redundant


Wikipedia:WikiProject Electoral districts in Canada/Election results


Gorbachev, Mikhail Gorbachov, Gorbachov, Mihail Gorbachev, Mikhail Gorbachyov, Gorbachyov, Michail Gorbatsjov , Mikael Gorbachev ,



Personal attacks[edit]

Please review the [[WP:NPA|Wikipedia policy on personal attacks]]. I understand that you feel very strongly about issues related to XXXXXXXXXXX, and that you have a long history of disputes with XXXXXXXXXXXXXXx, but I strongly encourage you to reconsider making comments like XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX|these. They do not help you convince other people of your position, and they diminish the Wikipedia experience for all those who read them. Taking a calmer, more reasoned approach will make Wikipedia a more enjoyable experience for you and others, and will improve your chances of resolving the issue that you are addressing. I also recommend [[Wikipedia:Staying cool when the editing gets hot]] as a good article to review. Regards,

[1] Letters Patent Constituting the Office of Governor General of Canada, Effective October 1, 1947, "GEORGE R." CANADA


    • Please <ref> at the beginning of the sources, and </ref> at the end. Make sure to include {{reflist}} under a "References heading at the end of the article. Thanks.


Welcome to Wikipedia. Please be careful with your links. Check out these links: Republican and Democratic. They do not take the reader to a very useful page, do they? That is because these are common English words that have lots of meanings outside of US politics. You should not link plain English words (see WP:OVERLINK to learn more]]). If you want to link to an article about the political party, you can use a piped link like this: [[Ohio Republican Party|Republican]] or [[Republican Party (United States)|Republican]]. Thanks.


Yes I am nosy, leaving a note as requested ;) - Jord 22:19, 15 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Mich auch - caught this on Special:Recentchanges. -- Jon Dowland 15:42, 15 July 2005 (UTC)

Sniff, sniff ... :) E Pluribus Anthony 04:16, 23 September 2005 (UTC)

You've busted me snooping too! Doing disambig. link repairs on MP and noticed your link. Done about 100 so far. It's great for procrastinating. Another couple of hundred to go. - Gimboid13 08:12, 5 November 2005 (UTC)

So you're the one that has helpfully been fixing my lazy links to redirects like LPOC and PMOC. - SimonP 23:55, 29 November 2005 (UTC)

Heh - Special:Prefixindex is fun... JesseW, the juggling janitor 11:22, 28 January 2006 (UTC)

Having fun with "What links here". :) Kirjtc2 14:48, 18 August 2006 (UTC)