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My name is Jordan Eric O'Brien, I was born on August 21, 1981. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in History, with a concentration in Canadian History, from the University of New Brunswick. In addition to history, I have also taken extensive course work in Computer Science and French.

My hometown is Perth-Andover, New Brunswick, Canada, though I am currently living in Canada's capital, Ottawa and working in government relations.

I have a keen interest in politics and am an active member of the New Brunswick Liberal Association and the Liberal Party of Canada, though I am able to keep bias out of my articles. I am more active in the New Brunswick Liberal Party than the federal party of the same name.

To see most of what I have contributed, please click here. I say "most" as I made a few anonymous entries before joining. Since then, I have probably edited most of them.

I have a keen interest in politics, particularly New Brunswick, Canadian and American. To a lesser extent, I dabble in British, French, German, Swedish and Australian political articles, especially around election time.

I also have an interest in seeing more civility and level-headedness among Wikipedians.

This is a great project which grows tremendously every day, however it could be its own undoing as we send those who might be excellent members of our community packing with hostility far too frequently.

Please remember, don't bite the newbies! To this end I joined the Advocates. And remember a "newbie" is not necessarily new to Wikipedia, I have recently been bitten by a few people with respect to image copyrights, something I am not familiar with and am struggling to deal with.

shamelessly stolen from User:Mecu

5k closing in on 10k This user is getting there, wherever there is. ? ?