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"Exploration and play are the building blocks of learning..."

Wayne Barry (born 15 December 1967 in Whitstable, Kent, England) is an English learning technologist and web developer who specialises in e-learning applications. He currently resides in the beautiful Cathedral City of Canterbury in the County of Kent.


His primary education started at the St. Thomas' Roman Catholic Primary School in Canterbury, where he got to be the Drinking Fountain Monitor before being promoted to Prefect.

His choice of secondary education was primarily decided for him by the fact that the Geoffrey Chaucer School was barely a five minute walk from his home. Whereas, St. Anselm's School, the local Roman Catholic secondary school, took thirty minutes to walk. Given that he had a tough choice to make, he finally opted for the closest school.


With just two 'O' levels to his name, Ihe promptly enrolled at Canterbury College where he managed to pick up some more qualifications, though obviously not enough to get into University with. Thus his dream of becoming a palaeontologist went down the pan so to speak.

In 1993, he embarked on a six year part-time evening degree in Information Technology and Social Sciences at Canterbury Christ Church University.

Professional Affiliations[edit]

He became a professional member of the British Computer Society in 2000 and a Chartered Information Technology Professional in 2004.


Somewhere down the line, he found himself going down towards a computing route. After a few non-starter jobs in this area, He finally landed on his feet at Canterbury Christ Church University as a computer technician. He worked there for ten years (1989 - 1999).

In 1996, his career had moved towards the relatively new area of learning technology or e-learning, where he joined a very new unit called The TITLE Unit (Technology In Teaching and LEarning). It was within this unit of rather talented and creative people that they did some rather amazing and innovative work with learning technology within the Higher Education sphere.

By 1999, he had gained his new degree and an offer to do some more amazing work within educational technology with a Gravesend based company called TAG Learning (formerly TAG Developments), which is where he worked as a senior web developer and project manager.

In August 2006, he rejoined Canterbury Christ Church University as a learning technologist for the Learning and Teaching Enhancement Unit (LTEU) where he is working with academic staff to develop their use of technology to enhance learning, teaching and research.


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His skill set includes the following:

Personal Interests[edit]

His personal interests include: dining out, movies, cooking, reading, theatre, music, archaeology, astronomy, ancient history, numerology, color psychology, shopping, photography, travelling, walking, picnics, dancing and anything to do with the paranormal, supernatural, complementary medicine, spirituality and gothica.

A lifelong science fiction, horror and speculative fiction fan, he enjoys cult television such as Doctor Who, The League of Gentlemen, Farscape, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Babylon 5, Stargate SG-1, The X-Files, Blackadder, Red Dwarf, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sapphire & Steel and Lost.

He also has a liking for drinking coffee, eating chocolate chip cookies, jelly babies and playing with cute little kittens. He is still fond of the Call of Cthulhu role-playing game. In his spare time, he collects cigarette and trading cards. He is known to do some writing as well.

Academic Interests[edit]

His academic interests include: e-learning, social software, online and distance learning, human-computer interaction, psychology, new media, content management; knowledge management, portfolio-based systems, usability and accessibility.


  1. His Western astrology sign is Sagittarius. In reality, his sign is actually Ophiuchus.
  2. His Chinese astrology sign is Sheep.
  3. His numerology life path is Five.
  4. He has a white rabbit with Tourette's Syndrome called Widget that occupies a lot of his time.
  5. He has an aversion towards marmite (not his mate thank you), shellfish, Jeffrey Archer novels, Cricket and any turgid pop tunes that came out of the Stock Aitken Waterman music factory.
  6. His nickname HeyWayne is a twist upon the numerous rubbish Hay Wain gags he use to (and still does) endure from very unfunny and unoriginal wannabe comedians.
  7. He drives a green Peugeot 206.
  8. He is one inch taller than Tom Cruise.
  9. He once wrote a FTSE 100 feed in Assembly Language for a prominent London Stock Exchange centre.
  10. He once met Peter Cushing in a tea room in Whitstable.
  11. He once met Clive Barker at a book signing and talk session in Canterbury.
  12. He is something of a demon at playing Top Trumps.
  13. He is known to do some creative writing and regrets not playing a musical instrument.


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