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A bit about myself

Hi I'm Alasdhair (Alasdhair Erik MhicMhaolain). I'm 16, male and living in Leicester at the moment. I'm into Heavy Metal (my favourite band being Static-X), Hard Rock, Grunge and Scottish traditional folk music, which I can imagine comes as a bit of a suprise. I'm also very into to ANYTHING to do with miniature wargaming - Games Workshop, The Foundry, Privateer Press, ETC. See my edit count.


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To Do list

Did you know?

May'n performing in 2014
May'n performing in 2014

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Well, no, I'm afraid Wikipedia is kind of explicitly not for 'underground' things. I mean, I wouldn't mind seeing some little-known groups get exposure. But Wikipedia's focus is on notable topics. "Underground" bands, sports, or whatever else are fine and all. They just don't really belong here. Sorry to be botching up your work like this. It's just the procedure. Maarte kasi sila. - Vianello (talk) 02:07, 20 June 2008 (UTC)