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Welcome to the Canadian cinema task force of WikiProject Films!


The Canadian cinema task force is a joint task force of WikiProject Films and WikiProject Canada for the purpose of gathering interested editors in the common purpose of improving Wikipedia coverage of the Canadian cinema and raising the quality of already-existing articles.

Canadian cinema may include not only domestic films, but also films made by Canadian filmmakers outside of the region, films produced or co-produced by Canadian companies, and foreign films shooting within Canada. However per Wikipedia:WikiProject Film#Scope, this task force should not include articles about actors, directors and filmmakers. Those articles are covered by adding parameters for the Actors and Filmmakers and Screenwriters projects accordingly.


Active members[edit]

To join the Canadian cinema task force, edit this section and add # {{User|yourusername}} and any comments to the following list of members in alphabetical order by username. Please add your username to Wikipedia:WikiProject Film/Participants also.

  1. Bearcat (talk · contribs)
  2. Bharathprime (talk · contribs)
  3. Big Bird (talk · contribs)
  4. Bzuk - Aviation-themed films is my special interest
  5. Canadiancinema (talk · contribs)
  6. Dl2000 (talk · contribs)
  7. Intractable (talk · contribs)
  8. Languagerules (talk · contribs)
  9. Lugnuts (talk · contribs)
  10. Monkeys 9711 (talk · contribs)
  11. Mr. Absurd (talk · contribs) — It looked so lonely...
  12. Nefirious (talk · contribs) - Aim to take Canadian cinema all over the world
  13. Ribbet32 (talk · contribs) - Strived to improve a number of important film articles
  14. Santryl (talk · contribs)
  15. SayItRight1 (talk · contribs)
  16. Shawn in Montreal (talk · contribs)
  17. Sjpreston (talk · contribs)
  18. Smithjohnny26 (talk · contribs)
  19. Theinterior (talk · contribs) - it still looks lonely..
  20. Warner REBORN (talk · contribs)
  21. Wyndham Paul Wise (talk · contribs)

Member userbox[edit]

You may place {{User Canadian cinema task force}} on your user page to display the following userbox:

This template will add your user page to:

You may also place {{User WikiProject Film}} on your user page.

Tagging and assessment[edit]

Canadian cinema task force assessment statistics worklistlogcategory

Any article related to this task force should be marked by adding both parameters to the project banners at the top of its talk page:

This will automatically place it into Category:Canadian cinema task force articles.




Many events which are key to this project occur on a cyclical annual basis:


Requested articles 
YUL 871 (see
Expansion needed 
Cinema of Canada, Stealing Mary, Six Reasons Why
visit task force · edit this list
  • Tag articles.
  • Recruit interested editors.
  • Collect categories, resource links, and templates.
  • Expand the open task listing above.
  • Significant cleanup still needed on Genie Awards and Canadian Screen Awards articles:
  • Jutra Awards is reaching the point where we should consider spinning them off to by-year and by-award lists instead of cramming all the subsections into a single article (also, the single article lists just the winners and doesn't list the nominees; if possible, sources should be located to expand them to full winner-and-nominee lists like many other film awards already have)
  • Lists in Category:Lists of Canadian films by year are incomplete; often they're missing many films that do already have Wikipedia articles to link to, and even films that are listed haven't always had all the relevant details filled in on the table. Prior to 1980 they still only exist by decade instead of by individual year, and those decade lists should still be spun off by year and expanded if possible.
  • Address outstanding requests in Wikipedia:Canadian Wikipedians' notice board/Requests#Film
  • Add things here!


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  • Druick, Zoë. Aspa Kotsopoulos (2008) Programming reality: perspectives on English-Canadian television, Wilfrid Laurier University Press ISBN 9781554580101
  • Melnyk, George. One Hundred Years of Canadian Cinema. U. of Toronto Press, 2004. 361 pp.
  • Morris,Peter (1978). Embattled shadows: a history of Canadian cinema, 1895-1939, McGill-Queen's University Press, ISBN 0773503226
  • Wise, Wyndham, ed. Essential guide to Canadian film. 2001

Annotated bibliography[edit]

Please use the following format when adding works:

* <!-- bibliographical information -->
** Content:
*** <!-- optional content summary -->
** Reviews: 
*** <!-- commentary on work by historians & other reputable sources -->
** Editor comments: 
*** <!-- personal commentary by editors -->


Main tool page:
  • Reflinks - Edits bare references - adds title/dates etc. to bare references
  • Checklinks - Edit and repair external links
  • Dab solver - Quickly resolve ambiguous links.
  • Peer reviewer - Provides hints and suggestion to improving articles.

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