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Coordinates: 47°28′39″N 19°2′43″E / 47.47750°N 19.04528°E / 47.47750; 19.04528

Curry Center
Restaurant information
Established 2010
Food type Indian
Street address Villányi út 4
City Budapest
Postal/ZIP code 1026
Country Hungary
Seating capacity 30

Curry Center is an Indian fast-food restaurant in Budapest, Hungary.


Curry Center was established in 2010. Located at the busy Móricz Zsigmond Square — which serves as the most important intersection and public transportation interchange in Buda — the restaurant has become extremely popular among local residents, especially students and office workers. One of the factors possibly contributing to its early success is its status as the first (and only) Indian restaurant in the Buda section of Budapest.


The restaurant accommodates 30 diners and provides take-away and home-delivery services. The décor is sleek and contemporary, reflecting a fusion of traditional Indian and modern Western styles. Four classical Indian paintings exclusively made by Delhi-based artists can be seen hanging on the walls, and contemporary Bollywood music can oftentimes be heard as well. The counter, tables and chairs are of a modernistic style, reflecting the restaurant's intentions of catering to as wide a variety of people as possible.


The restaurant specializes in ready-to-eat Indian cuisine, serving a variety of authentic North Indian dishes. Chicken dishes are the most popular ones, including Butter Chicken, Chicken Tikka Masala and Chicken Curry. Indian lamb dishes (such as Lamb Vindaloo and Lamb Saag), along with famous Punjabi vegetarian dishes (such as Dal makhani, Aloo gobi, Punjabi Chole and Palak Paneer) are also well-received. One of the restaurant's specialities is mango lassi, a Punjabi mango-flavored yoghurt-based drink. Basmati Rice and Naan Bread are also available as supplements to other dishes, the latter being freshly baked for each new customer.

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