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I'm not going to be an active editor of WikiPedia - my equivalent effort is going into the Malvaceae Info website, which includes original research - but I'll correct material that I notice in passing is incorrect, and for which I know the correct information. (For earlier edits see User: Otherwise I may insert comments on discussion pages.

Edit count[edit]

Link to an edit count script so I can keep track.

To Do list[edit]

These are pages that I know need work on, and which am I working on in a desultory fashion. Anyone else who is interested is welcome to go ahead and make the changes.

I think this needs a little more cleanup following on from the merge with Deodar tree.
This list is incomplete - in some cases it only goes down to genera. I have been extracting species lists from the pages for relevant genera, and copying them into the list. When this is done the next thing to do is get the wikilinks consistent (i.e. all links go from the binomial, rather than the vernacular, name; adding some redirects from binomial name to vernacular name may turn out to be desirable.
Wikipedia English has an article for brooms, which are a polyphyletic group within tribe Genisteae, but not for the tribe. I've made a start on a draft article on the tribe in user space.
There are problems with the labelling of genomes (relating to bacteria with multiple chromosomes) and with duplication of references. I've fixed some of these.
There is also the little matter that it is actually a list of eubacterial genomes; there's a separate page for archaeal genomes. Perhaps it be reworked in a fashion similar to list of placental mammals. (As it's getting unwieldy, splitting off, say, proteobacterial genomes may be helpful.
  • Citrus and related pages, especially to do with kumquats, with respect to the Citrus s.l. and the nomenclature of kumquats.
  • Passiflora and related pages. Add taxonomy section. Fact check the species articles, which have had a lot of inaccuracies.

Pages Created[edit]

Malvaceae s.l[edit]

Filling in some of the gaps for infrafamilial and segregate taxa in Malvaceae s.l.

Abutilon avicennae (redirect), Bombacoideae, Helicteres, Iliamna, Malacothamnus, Malvoideae, Palaua, Pterygota, Scleronema, Sparrmanniaceae


Coverage of microsporidians (highly derived parasitic fungi) is very scanty in Wikipedia, with only Nosema apis, bombycis and ceranae covered, so I've added a little material to improve coverage.

List of Microsporidian Genera, Nosematidae, Abelspora, Glugea, Loma, Vairimorpha

Stubs and redirects added as part of Wikipedia:WikiProject Red Link Recovery[edit]

botany - Corallorhiza trifida (redirect), pinnule (wiktionary redirect), Edward Augustus Bowles
geography - Beira Litoral (redirect), Craikshire (redirect), Jomsom
history - Haniji
linguistics -Meso Philippine languages
music - Ernest Shand, Robert Dowland
mycology - Pythiales
zoology - Antrozous (redirect), Barbastella, Eudiscopus (redirect), Glauconycteris, Laephotis, Lasionycteris (redirect), Macrophyllum (redirect), Mimetillus (redirect), Murininae, Nycticeinops (redirect), Otonycteris (redirect), Phalangeridae, Promops, Scotoecus, Scotophilus, Scotozous (redirect), Tonatia, Uroderma, Vespertilio

Other articles[edit]

botany - Aristolochiales, Coastal Coral Tree (redirect), Corymbioideae (redirect), Dicoria, Erato, form taxon (botany), graminology (redirect), Johann Jakob Bernhardi, José Quer y Martínez, Lilium eupetes, List of Passiflora species, List of sequenced plastomes, Logfia, marestail (disambiguation page), Oemleria (redirect), Schmeissneria, Schizostylis (redirect), Sciaphila (replacing redirect), Scorzoneroides (redirect), Smyrnium, Solmsia, Stephanotis floribunda, Vandeae, Vandoideae (redirect), Vincenzo Tineo, Wunderlichioideae, zoochory (redirect)
chemistry - Naphthenate
geography - Black Sails
entomology - Gomalia (redirect)
microbiology - Auranticordis, Brucella suis (redirect)
mycology - Amoebidiaceae, Amoebidiales (redirect), Eccrinales
palaeontology - Dudley Locust (redirect)