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My first edit ever was a silly vandalism in Tonga article on the spanish Wikipedia on April 5th 2005 see here.
Just found my comment on the Huffington Post article about the Wikipedia blackout. (link)--Neo139 (talk) 01:09, 15 December 2013 (UTC)


Other main contributions[edit]

Articles created[edit]

Articles created

  1. El Cuartito
  2. Out-of-kilter algorithm
  3. Bismuth hydroxide
  4. T-coloring
  5. Varignon's theorem (mechanics)
  6. University_Physics
  7. Alexandra Larsson
  8. Matías Faray
  9. Todd La Torre
  10. Tony Moore (singer)
  11. The Philosophical Manifesto of the Historical School of Law
  12. Immortal Soul (album)
  13. A Minor Disturbance
  14. Land of the Dead (album)
  15. Jack Starr's Burning Starr (album)
  16. Blaze of Glory (Burning Starr album)
  17. No Turning Back (Burning Starr album)
  18. Rock the American Way
  19. Out of the Darkness (album)
  20. Ldd (Unix)
  21. Full disclosure (mailing list)
  22. Kippo
  23. Ekoparty
  24. Information (Berlin album)
  25. Yanni discography
  26. Livin' in Hysteria
  27. Mambo! (Yma Sumac album)
  28. Ritual of the Savage
  29. Defiance (Burning Starr album)
  30. Programmed (Lethal album)
  31. Virtual machine escape
  32. Lumped matter discipline
  33. Grete Stern
  34. Jorge Iacobellis
  35. Jim Steinman discography
  36. Great Basses wreck
  37. Nena de Hiroshima
  38. Todos Tus Muertos (album)
  39. Raging Violence
  40. Hate, Fear and Power
  41. El Rostro de la Muerte
  42. The New Age of Terror
  43. Lightscreen
  44. EcuRed
  45. Nessa Devil
  46. Existence (Beto Vázquez Infinity album)
  47. Fire and Blood (Manowar)
  48. Eternal Glory
  49. Lethal (band)
  50. Kenny Earl
  51. Hermética (album)
  52. The Day the Earth Shook – The Absolute Power
  53. Jack Starr's Burning Starr
  54. Shine On (Riot album)
  55. Army of One (album)
  56. Through the Storm (Riot album)
  57. Sons of Society
  58. Virgin Steele discography
  59. The Book of Burning
  60. Hymns to Victory
  61. Astronomica (album)
  62. David DeFeis
  63. Noble Savage (album)
  64. Manifiesto
  65. Ideología
  66. Raza de Traidores
  67. Flying Towards the New Horizon
  68. NEMS Enterprises (label)
  69. Luca Turilli (band)
  70. Alessandro Lotta
  71. Patrice Guers
  72. Alex Holzwarth
  73. Planet Gemini (album)
  74. Of Wars in Osyrhia
  75. The Cold White Light
  76. Rhapsody of Fire discography
  77. Superior (band)
  78. Liege Lord
  79. Holy Moses
  80. Holy Knights
  81. Live Ritual – Friday the 13th
  82. Gods of War (Blasphemy album)
  83. Fallen Angel of Doom
  84. Nepal (band)
  85. Down (Sentenced album)
  86. Insanity (album)
  87. Frozen (album)
  88. Crimson (Sentenced album)
  89. Wildest Dreams (song)
  90. Out of the Silent Planet (song)
  91. Futureal
  92. The Angel and the Gambler
  93. Virus (Iron Maiden song)
  94. Lord of the Flies (song)
  95. Man on the Edge
  96. Triumph or Agony
  97. Still Life (Fates Warning album)
  98. A Pleasant Shade of Gray
  99. Beto Vázquez Infinity (album)
  100. Beto Vázquez Infinity
  101. Live in Canada 2005: The Dark Secret
  102. Tales from the Emerald Sword Saga