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  • Coupe de l'Outre-Mer and teams need sorting
  • AfD Silesia
  • BVI articles.
  • Non-FIFA football. Delete extraneous, improve the rest
  • Go through national league pages and improve/create where necessary
  • Improve Southwark articles
  • Christina Reid and Anne Devlin


{{Non-FIFA governing bodies}}

  • Notable: Brittany, Zanzibar, Vatican, Greenland, Northern Cyprus, Kiribati, Kosovo, Tibet, Corsica.
  • Non notable Western Sahara, Yap, Madeira, Silesia, Pohnpei, Tasmania, Nauru, crimean, gagauzia
  • Have competed at VIVA Cup (will accept this as giving notability for now): Sapmi, Monaco, Occitania, Padania, Provence, Kurdistan, Arameans, Gozo, Two Sicilies.
  • Not yet decided: Wallis and Futuna