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Newbie to this editing scene, my first edit was about the "10% of brain myth".

I like to now call it the "10% of Brain-Usage Theory", as I have disproved the refutations accusing the "theory" of being a "myth". Of course, I do not fully-understand the standards and operations of Wikipedia and how to properly edit a page, but I've induced many standards, policies and functions, throughout my process of adding these new arguments and information, through mere observation.

These new points that refute the refutations can and should change how people think of the "10% of Brain-Usage Theory" (originally "10% of brain myth"). I think it's very important that in an age of Google, knowing that one of the first search results for this critically-acclaimed theory is Wikipedia's article, that false deductions of a misguided conception misguides others of believing this theory to be absurd and completely false can be harmful to this very expandable subject.

Knowing the brain's measurable and changing capacity, opens up a whole new realm of study to the potential of the human mind and how its abilities can be harnessed and sustained.

That is the main reason I have been brought to this scene, however, I hope to stay and continue to contribute.

Other possible names to this theory, which I recognize others of formulating parts of the correct conception, are "Theory of Brain Capacity", "10% of Brain-Capacity Theory" and others.

That's my personal bit of my autobiography or my origin to this site. SupItsWin (talk) 07:55, 21 March 2011 (UTC)