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Hello! Welcome to my profile!

I am twenty-two years old, I live in Green Bay, Wisconsin and attend UWGB. My favorite author is Dmitri Borgmann (Language on Vacation: An Olio of Orthographical Oddities) and my favorite novelist is Jules Verne.

I like listening to music: Here are the top 5 most-listened to songs on my iPod:

I think you'll find that most of my edits are on logology, "Weird Al" Yankovic topics, The Office and Wisconsin topics. To see some of my work, I suggest you see these, all created or heavily edited by me: Perfect pangrams from restricted sets, Dmitri Borgmann, Vicinal (logology), Isogram, Zzxjoanw, W. C. E. Thomas, Escanaba in da Moonlight, and Pangrammatic window.

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