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    Reality Theory: Complex Systems & A-Life[edit]

    1-center problem
    3-dimensional matching
    3-partition problem
    A* search algorithm
    Action selection
    Active set method
    Adaptive mesh refinement
    Adaptive quadrature
    Adaptive system
    AI box
    AI control problem
    Aitken's delta-squared process
    Alpha shape
    AlphaGo versus Lee Sedol
    AlphaGo Zero
    AlphaStar (software)
    Alpha–beta pruning
    Anosov diffeomorphism
    Ant colony optimization algorithms
    Anticausal system
    Any-angle path planning
    Apprenticeship learning
    Approximate max-flow min-cut theorem
    Approximation algorithm
    Approximation error
    Approximation theory
    Arg max
    Arithmetic dynamics
    Arrangement (space partition)
    Arrangement of hyperplanes
    Arrangement of lines
    Artificial intelligence in video games
    Artificial life
    Assignment problem
    Asymptotic analysis
    Asymptotic expansion
    Auction algorithm
    Augmented Lagrangian method
    Automated planning and scheduling
    Automatic differentiation
    Autonomous agency theory
    Autonomous system (mathematics)
    Axiom A
    Backtracking line search
    Backward Euler method
    Barrier function
    Barycentric subdivision
    Base flow (random dynamical systems)
    Basic feasible solution
    Bayesian optimization
    Beam search
    Behavior tree (artificial intelligence, robotics and control)
    Behavior-based robotics
    Belief–desire–intention software model
    Bellman equation
    Bellman–Ford algorithm
    Beltrami identity
    Bernoulli scheme
    Bernstein polynomial
    Best-first search
    Beta skeleton
    Bidirectional search
    Bifurcation diagram
    Bifurcation theory
    Bin packing problem
    Binary constraint
    Birth–death process
    Bisection method
    Bland's rule
    Blossom algorithm
    Board representation (chess)
    Borůvka's algorithm
    Boundary element method
    Bounding sphere
    Bounding volume
    Bounding volume hierarchy
    Box counting
    Branch and bound
    Breadth-first search
    Brute-force search
    Butterfly effect
    Bézier curve
    Bézier surface
    Calculus of variations
    Cantor set
    Catastrophe theory
    Causal loop diagram
    Causal system
    Cellular evolutionary algorithm
    Center manifold
    Centroidal Voronoi tessellation
    Chaos game
    Chaos theory
    Chess engine
    Chess opening book (computers)
    Christofides algorithm
    Chromosome (genetic algorithm)
    Circle packing
    Circle packing theorem
    Circulation problem
    Clenshaw–Curtis quadrature
    Clique problem
    Close-packing of equal spheres
    Closed system
    Closest pair of points problem
    Coarse space (numerical analysis)
    Cobweb plot
    Coffman–Graham algorithm
    Collective intelligence
    Collocation method
    Column generation
    Combinatorial optimization
    Combinatorial search
    Complementarity theory
    Complex adaptive system
    Complex dynamics
    Complex quadratic polynomial
    Complex system
    Complexity of constraint satisfaction
    Computable topology
    Computational geometry
    Computational topology
    Computer bridge
    Computer chess
    Computer Go
    Computer poker player
    Computer shogi
    Condition number
    Conflict resolution strategy
    Conic optimization
    Conjugate gradient method
    Constant-recursive sequence
    Constrained Delaunay triangulation
    Constrained optimization
    Constraint (mathematics)
    Constraint Composite Graph
    Constraint graph
    Constraint learning
    Constraint programming
    Constraint satisfaction
    Constraint satisfaction dual problem
    Constraint satisfaction problem
    Continuous optimization
    Control of chaos
    Convergence (evolutionary computing)
    Convex hull
    Convex layers
    Convex optimization
    Coordinate descent
    Correlation dimension
    Costate equation
    Coupled map lattice
    Covering problems
    Criss-cross algorithm
    Critical point (mathematics)
    Cross-entropy method
    Crossover (genetic algorithm)
    Cubic Hermite spline
    Curtis–Hedlund–Lyndon theorem
    Cut (graph theory)
    Cutting stock problem
    Cutting-plane method
    Cybernetical physics
    Dantzig–Wolfe decomposition
    Decomposition method (constraint satisfaction)
    Deep Blue (chess computer)
    Deep Blue versus Garry Kasparov
    Deep reinforcement learning
    Delaunay refinement
    Delaunay triangulation
    Deliberative agent
    Delone set
    Depth-first search
    Derivative test
    Derivative-free optimization
    Descent direction
    Deterministic system
    Difference quotient
    Differentiable programming
    Differential evolution
    Dijkstra's algorithm
    Dinic's algorithm
    Discrete calculus
    Discrete geometry
    Discrete optimization
    Discrete space
    Discrete time and continuous time
    Discretization error
    Distributed constraint optimization
    Distributed parameter system
    Domain decomposition methods
    Dual linear program
    Dual-phase evolution
    Duality (optimization)
    Duality gap
    Duffing equation
    Dyadic transformation
    Dynamic programming
    Dynamical system
    Dynamical system (definition)
    Dynamical systems theory
    Edge cover
    Edge of chaos
    Edmonds–Karp algorithm
    Effective dimension
    Elementary effects method
    Ellipsoid method
    Endgame tablebase
    Envelope theorem
    Equidistributed sequence
    Equilibrium point
    Ergodic theory
    Estimation of distribution algorithm
    Ethical regulator
    Euclidean minimum spanning tree
    Euler method
    Euler–Lagrange equation
    Evaluation function
    Evolution strategy
    Evolutionary algorithm
    Evolutionary computation
    Evolutionary multimodal optimization
    Expectiminimax tree
    Explicit and implicit methods
    Exploration problem
    Exponential integrator
    Facility location problem
    Factor graph
    Farkas' lemma
    Fat object (geometry)
    Feasible region
    Feigenbaum constants
    Fermat's theorem (stationary points)
    Finite difference
    Finite difference method
    Finite element method
    Finite subdivision rule
    Finite volume method
    Fitness approximation
    Fitness function
    Fitness landscape
    Fitness proportionate selection
    Fixed-point iteration
    Flow (mathematics)
    Flow network
    Flow shop scheduling
    Floyd–Warshall algorithm
    Ford–Fulkerson algorithm
    Fractal analysis
    Fractal canopy
    Fractal curve
    Fractal dimension
    Fractional matching
    Fractional programming
    Frank–Wolfe algorithm
    Functional derivative
    Gabriel graph
    Gaussian adaptation
    Gaussian quadrature
    Gauss–Newton algorithm
    Gene expression programming
    General game playing
    General linear methods
    Generalized assignment problem
    Genetic algorithm
    Genetic algorithm scheduling
    Genetic operator
    Genetic programming
    Genetic representation
    Geometric programming
    Geometric separator
    Geometric spanner
    Gittins index
    Global optimization
    Good regulator
    Gradient descent
    Grammatical evolution
    Graph cut optimization
    Graph dynamical system
    Graph traversal
    Greedy algorithm
    Greedy geometric spanner
    Greedy number partitioning
    Grid classification
    Guided Local Search
    H tree
    Halley's method
    Hartman–Grobman theorem
    Hausdorff dimension
    Heteroclinic orbit
    Heuristic (computer science)
    Hidden attractor
    Hidden transformation
    Hierarchical task network
    Hilbert curve
    Hill climbing
    Homoclinic connection
    Homoclinic orbit
    Hopcroft–Karp algorithm
    Hopf bifurcation
    Horizon effect
    Horseshoe map
    Householder's method
    Human-based genetic algorithm
    Human–computer chess matches
    Hybrid system
    Hyperbolic equilibrium point
    Hyperbolic set
    Hénon map
    Incremental heuristic search
    Indefinite sum
    Independent set (graph theory)
    Induced matching
    Infinite-dimensional optimization
    Inflection point
    Information fluctuation complexity
    Inheritance (genetic algorithm)
    Instrumental convergence
    Integer programming
    Intelligent agent
    Interacting particle system
    Interior-point method
    Interval arithmetic
    Intrinsic motivation (artificial intelligence)
    Invariant measure
    Iterated function
    Iterated function system
    Iterated local search
    Iterative deepening A*
    Iterative deepening depth-first search
    Iterative method
    Job shop scheduling
    Johnson's algorithm
    Julia set
    Jump point search
    Karmarkar's algorithm
    Karush–Kuhn–Tucker conditions
    Kendall's notation
    Killer heuristic
    Kissing number problem
    Klee–Minty cube
    Knapsack problem
    Koch snowflake
    Kruskal's algorithm
    Krylov–Bogolyubov theorem
    Kuramoto model
    Lagrange multiplier
    Lagrange multipliers on Banach spaces
    Lagrange polynomial
    Lagrangian relaxation
    Laplace's method
    Largest differencing method
    Leading-order term
    Learning automaton
    Learning classifier system
    Leela Chess Zero
    Leela Zero
    Levenberg–Marquardt algorithm
    Lexicographic breadth-first search
    Limit cycle
    Limit set
    Line search
    Linear approximation
    Linear complementarity problem
    Linear difference equation
    Linear dynamical system
    Linear matrix inequality
    Linear multistep method
    Linear programming
    Linear programming relaxation
    Linear stability
    Linear system
    Linear time-invariant system
    Linear-fractional programming
    Little's law
    Liénard equation
    Lloyd's algorithm
    Local consistency
    Local optimum
    Local search (constraint satisfaction)
    Local search (optimization)
    Logistic map
    Longest path problem
    Look-ahead (backtracking)
    Lorenz system
    Loss function
    Loss of significance
    Lumped-element model
    Lyapunov exponent
    Lyapunov function
    Lyapunov optimization
    Lyapunov stability
    Lyapunov time
    Mandelbrot set
    Marginal stability
    Markov decision process
    Markov partition
    Master stability function
    Matching (graph theory)
    Matching in hypergraphs
    Matching polytope
    Mathematical optimization
    Matrix chain multiplication
    Matrix difference equation
    Matroid intersection
    Matroid parity problem
    Max-flow min-cut theorem
    Maxima and minima
    Maxima of a point set
    Maximal independent set
    Maximally-matchable edge
    Maximum cardinality matching
    Maximum cut
    Maximum disjoint set
    Maximum flow problem
    Maximum theorem
    Maximum weight matching
    Measure-preserving dynamical system
    Medial axis
    Memetic algorithm
    Menger sponge
    Mesh generation
    Meshfree methods
    Method of matched asymptotic expansions
    Method of steepest descent
    Minimum bounding box
    Minimum bounding box algorithms
    Minimum bounding rectangle
    Minimum cut
    Minimum spanning tree
    Minimum-cost flow problem
    Minimum-weight triangulation
    Minkowski–Bouligand dimension
    Misaligned goals in artificial intelligence
    Misiurewicz point
    Mixing (mathematics)
    Monte Carlo integration
    Monte Carlo localization
    Monte Carlo tree search
    Morse–Smale system
    Motion planning
    Muller's method
    Multi-agent system
    Multi-armed bandit
    Multi-commodity flow problem
    Multi-objective optimization
    Multibrot set
    Multifractal system
    Multigrid method
    Multiple-scale analysis
    Multiplicative weight update method
    Multiway number partitioning
    Mutation (genetic algorithm)
    Natural evolution strategy
    Navigation function
    Nearest neighbor graph
    Nearest neighbor search
    Network simplex algorithm
    Newton's method
    Newton's method in optimization
    Newton–Cotes formulas
    NK model
    No free lunch in search and optimization
    Non-autonomous system (mathematics)
    Nonlinear conjugate gradient method
    Nonlinear programming
    Nonlinear system
    Nonlinear system identification
    Normal form (dynamical systems)
    Numerical analysis
    Numerical differentiation
    Numerical error
    Numerical integration
    Numerical methods for ordinary differential equations
    Numerical partial differential equations
    Numerical stability
    Nyquist stability criterion
    Open system (systems theory)
    Open-shop scheduling
    OpenAI Five
    Operations research
    Optimal substructure
    Optimization problem
    Oracle complexity (optimization)
    Orbit (dynamics)
    Orbit portrait
    Order of approximation
    Order of magnitude
    Ornstein isomorphism theorem
    Orthogonal convex hull
    Overlapping subproblems
    P-recursive equation
    Packing density
    Packing problems
    Parallel metaheuristic
    Parametric programming
    Partial-order planning
    Partially observable Markov decision process
    Particle swarm optimization
    Partition problem
    Pattern formation
    Peano curve
    Penalty method
    Perfect matching
    Period-doubling bifurcation
    Periodic point
    Periodic points of complex quadratic mappings
    Persistent homology
    Perturbation function
    Perturbation theory
    Phase line (mathematics)
    Phase plane
    Phase portrait
    Phase space
    Planar straight-line graph
    Poincaré map
    Poincaré recurrence theorem
    Poincaré–Lindstedt method
    Point in polygon
    Point location
    Point-set triangulation
    Polygon covering
    Polygon mesh
    Polygon partition
    Polygon triangulation
    Population-based incremental learning
    Power diagram
    Preference-based planning
    Premature convergence
    Prim's algorithm
    Principal variation search
    Principles of grid generation
    Probabilistic roadmap
    Procedural reasoning system
    Product-form solution
    Production system (computer science)
    Projected dynamical system
    Propagation of uncertainty
    Proximal gradient method
    Proximity problems
    Pseudo-Boolean function
    Pseudo-spectral method
    Pullback attractor
    Quadratic programming
    Quadratic pseudo-Boolean optimization
    Quadrature (mathematics)
    Quantum annealing
    Quantum optimization algorithms
    Quasi-invariant measure
    Quasi-Monte Carlo method
    Quasi-Newton Least Squares Method
    Quasi-Newton method
    Queueing theory
    Quiescence search
    Random dynamical system
    Random search
    Randomized rounding
    Range searching
    Rapidly-exploring random tree
    Rate of convergence
    Rational difference equation
    Reaction–diffusion system
    Reactive planning
    Recurrence plot
    Recurrence relation
    Regula falsi
    Regular grid
    Reinforcement learning
    Relaxation (approximation)
    Relaxation (iterative method)
    Residual (numerical analysis)
    Revised simplex method
    Reward-based selection
    Riemann sum
    Robot navigation
    Robotic mapping
    Robust optimization
    Root locus
    Root-finding algorithm
    Round-off error
    Routh–Hurwitz stability criterion
    Runge–Kutta methods
    Rössler attractor
    Saddle point
    Saddle-node bifurcation
    Scenario optimization
    Search algorithm
    Secant method
    Second partial derivative test
    Second-order cone programming
    Selection (genetic algorithm)
    Self-organized criticality
    Semidefinite programming
    Sensitivity analysis
    Sequential dynamical system
    Sequential minimal optimization
    Sequential quadratic programming
    Series acceleration
    Set cover problem
    Set packing
    Shape analysis (digital geometry)
    Shape optimization
    Sharkovskii's theorem
    Shift space
    Shift-invariant system
    Shortest path problem
    Sierpinski carpet
    Sierpiński triangle
    Significance arithmetic
    Significant figures
    Simplex algorithm
    Simplicial depth
    Simpson's rule
    Simulated annealing
    Simulation-based optimization
    Simultaneous localization and mapping
    Singular perturbation
    Slack variable
    Slow manifold
    Smallest-circle problem
    Space-filling curve
    Spectral method
    Sphere packing
    Spline (mathematics)
    Spontaneous order
    Stability criterion
    Stability radius
    Stability theory
    Stable manifold
    State space
    State space planning
    State space search
    State variable
    Stationary point
    Steady state
    Steffensen's method
    Steiner point (computational geometry)
    Steiner tree problem
    Stiff equation
    Stochastic approximation
    Stochastic calculus
    Stochastic cellular automaton
    Stochastic differential equation
    Stochastic diffusion search
    Stochastic dynamic programming
    Stochastic gradient descent
    Stochastic optimization
    Stochastic partial differential equation
    Stochastic programming
    Stochastic scheduling
    Stochastic universal sampling
    Stockfish (chess)
    Straight skeleton
    Stretched grid method
    Strong duality
    Structural stability
    Subgradient method
    Submodular set function
    Subset sum problem
    Subshift of finite type
    Subsumption architecture
    Sum-of-squares optimization
    Supermodular function
    Surface triangulation
    Swarm intelligence
    Sweep line algorithm
    Symbolic dynamics
    Symmetry set
    Synchronization of chaos
    System dynamics
    System identification
    Systems science
    Systems theory
    Tabu search
    Takens's theorem
    Temporal difference learning
    Tent map
    Test functions for optimization
    Theta graph
    Thompson sampling
    Time evolution
    Time reversibility
    Time-invariant system
    Time-scale calculus
    Time-variant system
    Topological conjugacy
    Topological dynamics
    Topological entropy
    Topological skeleton
    Topology optimization
    Tournament selection
    Trajectory optimization
    Transfer operator
    Transportation theory (mathematics)
    Transposition table
    Transshipment problem
    Trapezoidal rule
    Travelling salesman problem
    Tree traversal
    Triangle mesh
    Triangulation (geometry)
    Triangulation (topology)
    Truncation error
    Truncation error (numerical integration)
    Trust region
    Turing pattern
    Types of mesh
    Uncertainty quantification
    Unstructured grid
    Value function
    Van der Pol oscillator
    Variance-based sensitivity analysis
    Variation (game tree)
    Variational inequality
    Variety (cybernetics)
    Vector optimization
    Vehicle routing problem
    Vertex cover
    Vertex cover in hypergraphs
    Viable system model
    Viable systems approach
    Visibility graph
    Von Neumann universal constructor
    Voronoi diagram
    Wandering set
    Weak duality
    Weierstrass function
    Weighted Voronoi diagram
    Well-posed problem
    Well-separated pair decomposition
    Winner-take-all in action selection
    Wolfe conditions
    Yao graph
    Zobrist hashing