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Centralized discussion
  • A proposal to gradually offer both wikitext and VisualEditor to new accounts
  • Discuss proposals for celebration of the upcoming 5 millionth article on English Wikipedia
  • An RfC for a banner alert campaign on the threat to Freedom of Panorama in Europe
  • An RfC for a four-day delay period for deleting abandoned AfC submissions under G13
  • An RfC to permit trusted non-admins to close TFD discussions with uncontroversial delete outcomes
  • A proposal to forbid IPs from participating in the RfA process.
  • A proposal to elevate WP:BRD to guideline status
  • An RfC on "edit in Wikidata" links, for templates using Wikidata

Note: inactive discussions, closed or not, should be archived.
The Signpost
1 July 2015

Wiki Loves Pride![edit]

You are invited to participate in Wiki Loves Pride!

  • What? Wiki Loves Pride, a campaign to document and photograph LGBT culture and history, including pride events
  • When? June 2015
  • How can you help?
    1.) Create or improve LGBT-related articles and showcase the results of your work here
    2.) Upload photographs or other media related to LGBT culture and history, including pride events, and add images to relevant Wikipedia articles; feel free to create a subpage with a gallery of your images (see examples from last year)
    3.) Contribute to an LGBT-related task force at another Wikimedia project (Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons, Wikivoyage, etc.)

Or, view or update the current list of Tasks. This campaign is supported by the Wikimedia LGBT+ User Group, an officially recognized affiliate of the Wikimedia Foundation. Visit the group's page at Meta-Wiki for more information, or follow Wikimedia LGBT+ on Facebook. Remember, Wiki Loves Pride is about creating and improving LGBT-related content at Wikimedia projects, and content should have a neutral point of view. One does not need to identify as LGBT or any other gender or sexual minority to participate. This campaign is about adding accurate, reliable information to Wikipedia, plain and simple, and all are welcome!

If you have any questions, please leave a message on the campaign's main talk page.

Thanks, and happy editing!

User:Another Believer and User:OR drohowa


I am obviously editing whilst tired and distracted.

I was trying to create Thomas Burns (Scottish miniister) but have mis-titled it as Thomas Brown (Scottish minister)

I am not sure how to change titles... can you assist.

thank you --Stephencdickson (talk) 21:08, 16 June 2015 (UTC)


Hi LadyofShalott. When you have a chance, would it be possible for you to copy the deleted Christy Ohiaeriaku to my userspace? Thank you. Hmlarson (talk) 08:02, 20 June 2015 (UTC)

Yes check.svg Done Hmlarson, see User:Hmlarson/Christy Ohiaeriaku. LadyofShalott 16:20, 23 June 2015 (UTC)

Please comment on Wikipedia talk:Featured article candidates[edit]

The feedback request service is asking for participation in this request for comment on Wikipedia talk:Featured article candidates. Legobot (talk) 00:04, 24 June 2015 (UTC)

Double confirmations[edit]

Hi, Lady. It's been a while!

If you've done any rollbacks on a mobile device lately, you've probably noticed that you've had to do a double confirmation. That's because recently, a few years after I wrote my little script, the Powers That Be decided that it would be a Good Thing to provide that functionality for everybody. So a gadget was added and turned on by default. (It can be turned off in Preferences under Gadgets.) The gadget is a little fancier than my simple script, telling you who and how many edits you'll be rolling back. So I'd recommend that you remove importScript('User:Mandarax/ConfirmMobileRollback.js'); from User:LadyofShalott/monobook.js.

Kelapstick, this also applies to you. I think we three were the only insightful people using my script. MANdARAX  XAЯAbИAM 21:56, 30 June 2015 (UTC)

Thanks Mandarax, I have removed it. In reality I hadn't noticed, as I don't access my main account on mobile devices (I found it was too easy to mistakenly block/delete), and my sock account doesn't have rollback (I never had it until I became an admin, so I don't really miss it). I guess that someone figured your efforts were worth copying, and mimicry is the most sincere form of flattery. --kelapstick(bainuu) 22:30, 30 June 2015 (UTC)
I'm curious.... Are blocking and deleting one-click functions, or do they require confirmation? Of course, no matter how many clicks (touches) are required, strange things can happen with mobiles, such as when I accidentally fell asleep with one and mysteriously ended up with a new Facebook friend. MANdARAX  XAЯAbИAM 23:28, 30 June 2015 (UTC)
They don't require confirmation as in "are you sure", but it does take you to a screen where you make your selections, and click block/delete/protect (depending on what you are doing). The easy block script is truly easy and could quickly go awry from a mobile (the new twinkle module operates in the same manner as garden variety warning does, so wouldn't be as much of a risk of accidental blocking). As you say, things can go pear-shaped in a hurry on a mobile, so I find it is best not to take the risk. --kelapstick(bainuu) 23:37, 30 June 2015 (UTC)
Thanks for the info! MANdARAX  XAЯAbИAM 23:43, 30 June 2015 (UTC)