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I have been an editor on Wikipedia for slightly over four years now. Over this time frame, I have edited hundreds, if not thousands of articles and helped produce several good and featured level articles. However, ever since fall 2009, I have found myself immersed in schoolwork, internship-related work, and activities with friends and family members. While I am proud of my accomplishments on Wikipedia, it has been rather stressful at times – arguments, content disputes, copyright infringement, misinterpreted/ignored policies, sockpuppets, fanboys and vandals. I could definitely do without the aforementioned ills, but realistically, it is an everyday part of Wikipedia. So, for the best interest of what remains of my mental health, I am going to try to spend less time on Wikipedia in order to focus on more important things.  StarScream1007  ►Talk  02:29, 22 June 2010 (UTC)

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