Vasil Etropolski

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Vasil Etropolski
Personal information
Birth nameВасил Михайлов•Етрополски[1]
Full nameVasil Mihaylov•Etropolski[1]
Born (1959-03-18) 18 March 1959 (age 65)
Sofia, Bulgaria[1]
EmployerNew York Athletic Club[2]
Height183 cm (6 ft 0 in)[1]
Achievements and titles
World finals1983 sabre world champion

Vasil Etropolski (born 18 March 1959) is a Bulgarian fencer and fencing coach. He competed in the individual and team sabre events at the 1980 and 1988 Summer Olympics.[3] He also won the 1983 sabre world championship.[4] He is the twin brother of Khristo Etropolski, who also fenced for Bulgaria at the 1980 and 1988 Olympics.[5]

At the New York Athletic Club he coached Stephen Kovacs, a sabre fencer who in 1989 won the United States Fencing Association (USFA) Under-17 saber championship, and in 1990 won the USFA Under-20 (Junior) saber championship.[6][7][8] Kovacs later became a fencing coach, was charged with the sexual assault of two of his students, and died in prison in 2022.[9]


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