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Velorvattom is a place near Cherthala, Kerala State, India.

The place is famous for a temple "Velorvattom Maha deva temple", worshipping lord Shiva. The temple has two "nada" (entries) which is rare in Kerala. The temple was owned by "Azhvanchery Thamprakkal" and now running by Kerala Urazma Devasam Board (KUDB). It is believed that the temple was created by Vilwamangalam Swami, around 700 years ago.[1]


  1. ^ Kottaaraththil Sankunni (30 June 2015). Aithihyamaala: The Garland of Legends' from Kerala. Hachette India. pp. 370–. ISBN 978-93-5009-763-2. The Thambraakkal of Aazhvaanchery had a temple in a place called Velorvattom in Cherthala district of Thiruvithaamkoor. Since this temple had a lot of landed property, the Thambraakkal entrusted the Devaswum affairs to the care of the rich ...