Victoria Lane

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Tori Lane
Kristen Meadows as Tori Lane (1988)
Santa Barbara character
Portrayed by Kristen Meadows
First appearance Episode 532
September 1, 1986
Last appearance Episode 1128
January 23, 1989
Created by Bridget and Jerome Dobson
Other names Victoria Gwendolyn Lane (full name)
Occupation Stewardess
Volunteer at the hospital
Hostess at the Country Club

Victoria Lane (formerly Capwell) is a fictional character from the American soap opera Santa Barbara. She was portrayed by American actress Kristen Meadows from September 1, 1986 to January 23, 1989.

Creation and Departure[edit]

The character was created after the passing of Victoria Lane, a script writer that was working on Santa Barbara at the time when she died. The actress portrayed the role for almost three years, but she decided to leave the show after receiving numerous death threats from fans of the supercouple Eden and Cruz Castillo.[1]

Character history[edit]

Victoria "Tori" Lane arrived in 1986 and immediately caused intrigue in town. She was a former girlfriend of Cruz Castillo, who had previously left him when another girl committed suicide (caused by her jealousy over Tori and Cruz's relationship). Tori tried to win back Cruz, but it turned out that the bond between Cruz and his girlfriend Eden Capwell was too strong to break. Tori accidentally found herself shipwrecked on the boat with Cruz.[2] Cruz, believing that Tori was Eden, wanted to make love to her, and Tori used the idea to her advantage. She later found out that she was pregnant, but she couldn't deal with her life anymore.

Wanting to end it all, Tori attempted suicide by throwing herself off the Capwell hotel rooftop, but Mason Capwell stopped her and decided to help her out, thinking of her as his ex-girlfriend Mary DuVall (who had recently been killed by a falling letter on the Capwell rooftop). Mason wanted to be with Tori because she reminded him of Mary.[3] Mason's father C.C. learned about the paternity of the child and he paid Mason money to make sure that nobody finds out the truth. Cruz helped deliver Tori's baby but he had no idea he was the father. Tori later had a car accident with Eden.[4]

Things got worse for Tori when her newborn son, named Chip, was kidnapped by his babysitter. Later, Tori was sucked into a movie offer from Mel Stock,[5] who later got Tori hooked on drugs.[6] Tori ended up in the detoxication center, and learned that Mason had a child with Julia Wainwright,[7] and she was forced to reveal that Chip is actually Cruz's son. When things finally managed to calm down, Tori left town.