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This is a list of articles related to the English county of Cumbria. See also the Category:Cumbria for links to the Cumbrian pages (e.g., towns, villages, railway stations, places of interest, people born in Cumbria, etc.)


See the category Cumbria below for people born in Cumbria. This lists people not native to Cumbria but who had connections with Cumbria.






Rugby League[edit]

Natural materials[edit]

  • Graphite – used in the pencil making industry in Keswick. The graphite deposit found at Borrowdale was extremely pure and solid and it could easily be sawed into sticks. This was and remains the only deposit of graphite ever found in this solid form.
  • Gypsum – used in the Plasterboard industry
  • Coal – west coast mining industry, e.g. Haig Pit at Whitehaven
  • Haematite – west coast mining industry, e.g. Florence mine at Egremont
  • Anhydrite – found at Whitehaven, where it was used in the early manufacture of sulphuric acid, and at Kirkby Thore, where it is used in the Plaster industry
  • Slate is found at various locations throughout Cumbria, with the Honister slate mine at Borrowdale now a major tourist attraction
  • Lead was mined extensively in Nenthead from the 18th century until the early part of the 20th century

Industrial processes[edit]

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