Wang Prachan

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Wang Prachan
Country Thailand
Province Satun
District Khuan Don
Population (2007)
 • Total 2,380
Postal Code 91160
Geocode 910204

Wang Prachan (Thai: วังประจัน) is a sub-district (tambon) of Khuan Don District, Satun Province of Thailand, at the boundary to Malaysia.

Thai Hwy 4181, which passes through the sub-district, connects Satun with Wang Kelian in Malaysia.

As of 2007, the sub-district has a population of 2,380.[1]


The sub-district is led by a tambon administrative organization (TAO), which was established in 2004.[2] The sub-district itself was established in 1914, and is divided into four villages (muban).

1. Thung Maprang ทุ่งมะปรัง
2. Khao Nui เขานุ้ย
3. Wang Prachan วังประจัน
4. Wang Prachan Tai วังประจันใต้



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Coordinates: 6°44′52″N 100°9′9″E / 6.74778°N 100.15250°E / 6.74778; 100.15250