Water Babies (1935 film)

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Water Babies is a Silly Symphonies cartoon released on May 11, 1935 by United Artists. The cartoon was directed by Wilfred Jackson. It features nude babies playing games in and out of the water. The babies are all completely identical other than the color of their hair. The edited version of the cartoon eliminates some shots that feature nude baby bottoms as a sight gag.

This cartoon was followed in 1938 by Merbabies.


The cartoon begins with several water lilies opening to reveal water babies sleeping in each one. The babies immediately awaken and leap into the water, except for one reluctant, redheaded baby which is assisted by hard slaps on the bottom from his water lily. As the babies play, the redheaded baby is being dunked repeatedly by two others. He finally comes up bottom-first and the other two babies spank him back underwater. Then a trumpet sounds and the babies all ride swans, fish, or leaf boats to the shore where they swing on vines and play with animals. In one scene, three babies ride on frogs wearing chaps made from leaves and nothing else. In another scene, a baby torero, wearing only a green sash and an acorn montera, attempts to fight a very large frog, but the frog instead manages to pen the torero and bows in triumph to the audience. Finally the babies take another ride back to their lily pads, recite Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, and lay down in their flower beds.