Western Berber languages

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Western Berber
Northwest Africa
Linguistic classification: Afro-Asiatic
Glottolog: west2724[1]

The Western Berber languages are Zenaga and Tin Sert. They appear to have influenced the Algerian Songhai language Korandje.

The label "Western Berber" was first used in a classificatory sense by Aikhenvald and Militarev (1984)[2] in reference to Zenaga alone (Tetserrét data was not available to them.)

Sound changes characteristic of this subgroup include the reflex of proto-Berber *ww as *bb (elsewhere gg/ggʷ) and *w (elsewhere retained) as *b after consonants; of *x (elsewhere retained) as *k; of *ṭṭ as ḍḍ (elsewhere ṭṭ); and of *ẓ as a voiceless fricative ṣ (Tetserrét) or θ̣ (Zenaga).[3][4]


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