What Have You Done

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"What Have You Done"
Within temptation feat keith caputo-what have you done s.jpg
Single by Within Temptation featuring Mina Caputo
from the album The Heart of Everything
B-side"Blue Eyes"
Released14 February 2007 (Europe)
  • 5:13 (album version)
  • 3:58 (radio edit with intro)
  • 3:24 (US edit and iTunes version)
Producer(s)Daniel Gibson
Within Temptation singles chronology
"What Have You Done"

"What Have You Done" is the first single from Dutch symphonic metal and rock band Within Temptation's fourth studio album The Heart of Everything (2007). The song features guest vocals from Life of Agony's lead singer Mina Caputo (then known as Keith Caputo) and it was released as the album's first single in early 2007 (see 2007 in music). It became their first charting single in Canada and in the United States. A new edit and version of the song was released in the US through iTunes on 26 June 2007.

Music video[edit]

There are two music videos for "What Have You Done".

In the first video, Sharon den Adel is a spy. Mina (then Keith) Caputo is an FBI agent who has been assigned the task of capturing den Adel. They were formerly lovers, but an unconfirmed issue rose between them, causing them to separate. Caputo searches the world for Adel before finally locating her singing with the band in a bar in Thailand; however, he is thrown out by the bouncer and is refused re-entry. Den Adel stands behind the bouncer, grinning suspiciously. She makes her way through a jungle in the next scene, with Caputo following her. After reaching a cliff with no escape, den Adel faces Caputo and whispers "I love you." She turns and jumps off the cliff. Although Caputo is under the impression that den Adel did not survive the fall, at the end she is lying on rocks, smiling.

In the alternative video, den Adel seems to be leaving an abusive partner. Her partner is left behind in a house, and trashes it, smashing mirrors and vases. This video has a more sinister and dark atmosphere present. This video also contains footage of Caputo, although not together with any member of Within Temptation.

The first video was quickly replaced by this version. The band stated that they wanted to replace the video because the "band shots were too dark and the 'jungle' part didn't look very convincing."[1] Only the second version was released on DVD with the special edition of The Heart of Everything and with Black Symphony. A new edit of this version was also used to promote the single in the United States.

Live versions[edit]

Den Adel performing "What Have You Done" on tour.

"What Have You Done" (feat. Mina [then Keith] Caputo) was also released as a live version on the band's Black Symphony release. Roadrunner Records USA/Australia used this version to promote Black Symphony before its release. This recording with the Metropole Orchestra in Ahoy, Rotterdam, 2008 was one of the two only live performances of the song in which Mina (then still Keith) Caputo sang along live (the other one being at the Dauwpop festival in 2007). In other performances, the band plays a video of Mina Caputo singing on screen and encourages the audience to sing the parts.

In acoustic performances of this song, as found on the "Frozen" maxi-single and the special edition of The Heart of Everything, Caputo's vocals are absent and Sharon den Adel sings Caputo's parts as well. On the live album An Acoustic Night at the Theatre, "What Have You Done" appears as a duet with Caputo once again, although Caputo's vocals were not recorded live.

"What Have You Done" in other media[edit]

This song is available as a downloadable song in the games Guitar Hero World Tour, Guitar Hero 5, and Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. In 2008, Dutch TV program Koefnoen made a parody on this song titled "What Am I Doing Here".[2][3]

Formats and track listings[edit]

These are the formats and track listings of major single releases of "What Have You Done".

  • European CD promotional single
  1. "What Have You Done" (single version)
  2. "What Have You Done" (rock mix)
  • Canadian and European CD single
  1. "What Have You Done" (single version)
  2. "What Have You Done" (album version)
  • European maxi CD single
  1. "What Have You Done" (single version)
  2. "What Have You Done" (album version)
  3. "Blue Eyes" (non-album track)
  4. "Aquarius" (Live at Java Island, Amsterdam)
  5. "Caged" (Live at Java Island, Amsterdam)
  • US promotional single number one
  1. "What Have You Done" (US edit)
  • US promotional single number two
  1. "What Have You Done" (US pop mix)
  1. "What Have You Done" (US edit)
  2. "What Have You Done" (album version)
  3. "What Have You Done" (acoustic live)
  4. "What Have You Done" (video)



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