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May 13[edit]

Categories starting Wikipedia:[edit]

Category:Pokémon User Made Images[edit]

Category:Alternate reality games to Category:Alternative reality games[edit]

Category:Alternate reality to Category:Alternative reality[edit]

Fictional births[edit]

Category:Fairuse rationale needed images and Category:Fairuse rationale needed images as of 12 May 2006[edit]

Category:Jewish composers and songwriters to Category:Jewish classical musicians[edit]

Category:Variants of instant-runoff voting[edit]

Category:Sega Genesis games[edit]

Category:Sega Genesis emulators to Category:Sega Mega Drive/Sega Genesis emulators[edit]

Johannes Vermeer[edit]

Category:Lists of basic topics[edit]

Category:Linux web browsers to Category:POSIX web browsers[edit]

Category:Art magazines to Category:Art journals[edit]


Category:Voting systems quotas[edit]

Category:Fictional disfigured to Category:Fictional disfigured characters[edit]

Category:Tonal languages[edit]

The following 11 entries are from the uncategorized categories list. -- ProveIt (talk) 05:54, 13 May 2006 (UTC)

Category:Supporters Médecins Sans Frontières[edit]


Category:Space: fictional locations[edit]

Category:Sony Cybershot cameras[edit]

Category:South American saints[edit]

Category:Fictional Knights Commander of the British Empire[edit]

Category:Florida International Golden Panthers basketball players[edit]


Category:Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge[edit]

Category:Canadian Spaniards[edit]

Category:Baylor football coaches[edit]


Category:Rookies of the Year to Category:Baseball Rookies of the Year[edit]

Category:Serial Arsonist to Category:Arsonists[edit]

Category:Conservative opposition to Hitler to Category:German conservatives opposed to the Third Reich[edit]

Category:Leap day births[edit]

Category:People who has a Feud with 50 Cent[edit]

Category:Fictional disabled to Category:Fictional disabled characters[edit]

Category:Jewish citizens of Hong Kong[edit]


Category:Input methods of Han characters to Category:Han character input[edit]