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For the previous contest held in June 2008, see: Wikipedia:Featured list candidates/Contest 1

The new and improved FL contest (for lack of a better title) is a contest for FL contributors being run in October 2008. The previous contest, held back in June, was won by Sephiroth BCR.

Entrants will be accepted up until Friday October 10, at which point the contest will officially begin. Entrants can pick the topics they want to work on starting on October 3, but will not be allowed to submit any lists at FLC until the tenth at 20:00 GMT. The winner will be awarded a fancy barnstar. Those that do not like barnstars can enter for fun.


This contest, conceived by Scorpion0422, is a way to get some interest in the process and provide users with a challenge as most will be working with lists in topics that they have previously done little work with. It will also help populate some of the under-represented FL categories. One goal of the contest is to introduce veterans to new topics and it has had success at this in the past. For example, thanks to the first contest, Sephiroth BCR gained an interest in working on awards related lists and that category quickly grew.

So you don't want to enter[edit]

You could help by reviewing the FLCs that contestants submit. This will ensure that they will not be bogged down in the process.

The rules[edit]

In the first contest, users worked on one list, so basically the first one to reach FLC won. This time, the contest will be taking more of a wikicup approach and users will work on multiple lists.

  1. You must pick three lists from three separate topics.
    1. One from an under-represented topic. However, similar to the previous contest, no more than three people can work on the same topic. This rule only applies to this list.
    2. One from any topic, but something in a topic in which you have not previously nominated a GA, FA, FL, FT or are a member of a related wikiproject.
    3. One from any topic at all.
  2. You will be allowed to nominate one list at a time starting on October 10 at 20:00 GMT. However, you must wait 12 days until you can nominate the next list (even if the first one is promoted after 10).
  3. You are allowed to have worked on a list prior to this contest, however the lists can not already be near FLC quality before the contest was first announced (30 September 2008).
  4. You can not work on a former Featured List or a Former Featured List Candidate since 2007 (unless that FLC resulted in a speedy or snowball close).
  5. The first user to get their three lists promoted will be declared the winner.
  6. Please do not submit an FLC before you start work on an article; snowball closures will result in a disqualification.
  7. Lists must first be approved by Scorpion0422 or Matthewedwards.
  8. You are allowed to switch lists after the competition begins, but not topics.

Under-represented topics[edit]

  1. Art, architecture and archaeology
  2. Business, economics and finance
  3. Chemistry and mineralogy
  4. Computing
  5. Engineering and technology (but not a list of tallest buildings)
  6. Food and drink
  7. Geology, geophysics (but not meteorology)
  8. History
  9. Language and linguistics
  10. Literature and theatre
  11. Law
  12. Mathematics
  13. Religion, mysticism and mythology
  14. Royalty, nobility and heraldry
  15. Philosophy and psychology
  16. Physics
  17. Space and astronomy
  18. Transport


So that everyone in the contest has something to aim for, we have decided to give awards out as well. So far, there is only one confirmed category.

  1. Most original list

And there are others that Matthew and Scorpion0422 are currently debating, opinions and suggestions are more than welcome.

  1. Best list
  2. Best trio of lists.


It is recommended that you watch this page so that you will quickly be aware of any news or developments.


User Topic List Approved?
Gary King (talk · contribs) Business, economics and finance
Featured article List of mergers and acquisitions by Adobe Systems
Featured article List of Tennessee Titans head coaches
Featured article List of universities in Nova Scotia
IMatthew (talk · contribs) Literature and theater
Featured article Bibliography of S. E. Hinton
Featured article List of American Idol finalists
Featured article Cy Young Award
Sephiroth BCR (talk · contribs) Literature and theatre
Featured article List of Soul Eater chapters
Business, economics and finance
Featured article List of Nobel Laureates in Economics
Video gaming
Featured article Annie Award for Best Animated Video Game

Two FLs[edit]

User Topic List Approved?
Chrishomingtang (talk · contribs) Transportation
Featured article List of Bay Area Rapid Transit stations
Business, economics and finance List of acquisitions by Hewlett-Packard Yes
Featured article List of New York Knicks head coaches
Mr.crabby (talk · contribs) Geology, geophysics and meteorology
Featured article Extreme points of Bulgaria
Transport Tunnels in Iceland Yes
Featured article Tampa Bay Rays seasons
SRE.K.A.L.24 (talk · contribs) Transportation
Featured article List of Vancouver SkyTrain stations
Politics List of premiers of British Columbia Yes
Featured article List of San Diego Padres Opening Day starting pitchers

One FL[edit]

User Topic List Approved?
Bencherlite (talk · contribs) Law List of crown courts in England and Wales Yes
Sport List of international cricket centuries of Graham Gooch Yes
Featured article List of Honorary Fellows of Jesus College, Oxford

Other entrants[edit]

User Topic List Approved?
c4v3m4n (talk · contribs) Food and Drinks List of breweries in Australia Yes
Transport List of highways in Australia Yes
Sport List of Australian Football League grounds Yes
Durova (talk · contribs) Literature and theatre List of songs in Shuffle Along (from Shuffle Along) Yes
Music List of compositions by James Scott Yes
Art, architecture and archaeology List of United States standard crochet hook and knitting needle sizes Yes
Florentino floro (talk · contribs) Law List of Philippines Chief Justices by time in office Yes
Art and culture List of Philippine festivals Yes
Politics and history Extrajudicial killings and forced disappearances in the Philippines Yes
Garden (talk · contribs) Computing List of web browsers Yes
Geography List of countries in Europe Yes
Media Snow Patrol discography Yes
Golbez (talk · contribs) Space and astronomy List of Messier objects Yes
Sports List of New Orleans Saints head coaches Yes
Politics and Government List of Governors of Arizona Yes
Juliancolton (talk · contribs) Transportation State highways in Dutchess County, New York Yes
Sports List of St. Louis Rams head coaches Yes
Geology, geophysics and meteorology Timeline of the 2004 Pacific hurricane season Yes
Nergaal (talk · contribs) Chemistry and mineralogy List of chemical elements by atomic properties Yes
Sports Official progression of 100 meters men world record Yes
Royalty, nobility and heraldry List of British monarchs Yes
Pwnage8 (talk · contribs) Engineering and technology List of reservoirs and dams in Canada Yes
Film List of films considered the worst Yes
Transport List of unused highways in Canada Yes
Shoemaker's Holiday (talk · contribs) Literature and theatre List of W. S. Gilbert dramatic works Yes
Biology List of transitional species Yes
Music List of compositions by Arthur Sullivan Yes