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Roads with highway names in Australia are roads that are usually, but not necessarily, classified as a highway[a] by a state or territory road authority. There are also many roads classified as a highway, but without a highway name. For example, Great Southern Highway is classified as a main road, not as a highway,[1][2] while the Newcastle Inner City Bypass is classified as a highway,[3] but does not have the word "Highway" in its name. There are a number of freeways in Australia, or freeway-standard roads, which may or may not be classified as highways, and may or may not be named as highways.


Road Route number(s) State/Territory
Albany Highway State Route 30 Western Australia
Anne Beadell Highway South Australia
Anne Beadell Highway Western Australia
Anzac Highway A5 South Australia
Arnhem Highway State Route 36 Northern Territory
Arthur Highway A9 Tasmania.
Augusta Highway National A1 South Australia


Road Route number(s) State/Territory
Balonne Highway State Route 49 Queensland
Barkly Highway National A2 Queensland
Barkly Highway National 66 Northern Territory
Barrier Highway National A32 South Australia
Barrier Highway National 32 New South Wales
Barton Highway National 25 New South Wales
Barwon Highway State Route 85 Queensland
Bass Highway National 1 Tasmania.
Bass Highway M420/B460 Victoria.
Bellarine Highway B110 Victoria
Birdseye Highway B91 South Australia
Borung Highway C234 Victoria
Brand Highway National 1 Western Australia
Brisbane Valley Highway National 17 Queensland
Brockman Highway State Route 10 Western Australia
Brooker Highway National 1 Tasmania.
Brookton Highway State Route 40 Western Australia
Browns Well Highway State route B57 South Australia
Bruce Highway National A1 Queensland
Bruxner Highway National 44 New South Wales
Buchanan Highway National 80 Northern Territory
Buntine Highway National 96 Northern Territory
Bunya Highway State Route 49 Queensland
Burwood Highway Metro 26/State C412 Victoria
Bussell Highway State Route 10 Western Australia


Road Route number(s) State/Territory
Calder Highway M79/A79 Victoria
Cann Valley Highway B23 Victoria
Canning Highway State Route 6 Western Australia
Capricorn Highway National A4 Queensland
Captain Cook Highway State Route 44 Queensland
Carnarvon Highway National A7/A55 Queensland
Carpentaria Highway National 1 Northern Territory
Castlereagh Highway National A55 Queensland
Castlereagh Highway National 55 New South Wales
Central Coast Highway
Channel Highway B68 Tasmania
Cobb Highway National 75 New South Wales
Connie Sue Highway Western Australia
Coolgardie-Esperance Highway National 1/94 Western Australia
Copper Coast Highway B85 South Australia
Cunningham Highway National 15/42 Queensland


Road Route number(s) State/Territory
D'Aguilar Highway National 17/State 85 Queensland
Dawson Highway State Route 60 Queensland
Donohue Highway Queensland
Dukes Highway National A8 South Australia


Road Route number(s) State/Territory
East Tamar Highway A8 Tasmania
Eastern Highway Western Australia
Esk Highway A4 Tasmania
Eyre Highway National A1 South Australia
Eyre Highway National 1 Western Australia


Road Route number(s) State/Territory
Federal Highway National A23 New South Wales
Flinders Highway National 78 Queensland
Flinders Highway B100 South Australia


Road Route number(s) State/Territory
Gary Highway Western Australia
Glenelg Highway B160 Victoria
Gold Coast Highway Metro 2 Queensland
Golden Highway State Route 84 New South Wales
Gore Highway National 85 Queensland
Goulburn Valley Highway
  • National Highway A39
  • B340
Goyder Highway B64 South Australia
Great Eastern Highway National 94 Western Australia
Great Northern Highway National 1/95 Western Australia
Great Southern Highway State Route 120 Western Australia
Great Western Highway National 32 New South Wales
Gregory Highway National 55 Queensland
Gunbarrel Highway Northern Territory
Gunbarrel Highway Western Australia
Gwydir Highway State Route 38 New South Wales


Road Route number(s) State/Territory
Hamilton Highway B140 Victoria
Henty Highway A107 Victoria
Hopkins Highway B120 Victoria
Horrocks Highway
  • A32
  • B82
South Australia
Hume Highway National M31 New South Wales
Huon Highway A6 Tasmania
Hyland Highway C482 Victoria


Road Route number(s) State/Territory
Illawarra Highway National 48 New South Wales
Isis Highway State Route 52/State 3 Queensland


Road Route number(s) State/Territory
Kakadu Highway State Route 21 Northern Territory
Kamilaroi Highway B76 New South Wales
Karoonda Highway B55 South Australia
Kennedy Highway National 1/State 62 Queensland
Kiewa Valley Highway C531 Victoria
Kings Highway National 52 New South Wales


Road Route number(s) State/Territory
Lake Highway A5 Tasmania.
Landsborough Highway National 66/71 Queensland
Lasseter Highway State Route 4 Northern Territory
Leach Highway State Route 7 Western Australia
Leichhardt Highway National 39 Queensland
Lincoln Highway B100 South Australia
Loddon Valley Highway B260 Victoria
Lyell Highway A10 Tasmania


Road Route number(s) State/Territory
Mallee Highway National B12 Victoria
Mallee Highway National B12 South Australia
Maroondah Highway
  • State Route 34
  • B300
  • B340
  • B360
Matilda Highway Queensland
McIvor Highway B280 Victoria
Melba Highway B300 Victoria
Melton Highway C754 Victoria
Midland Highway A300/B300 Victoria
Midland Highway National 1 Tasmania
Mid-Western Highway National 24 New South Wales
Mitchell Highway National 71 Queensland
Mitchell Highway National 32/71 New South Wales
Monaro Highway National B23 Victoria
Monaro Highway National 23 New South Wales
Moonie Highway State Route 49 Queensland
Moorooduc Highway Metro 11 Victoria
Mount Lindesay Highway National 13 Queensland
Mountain Highway Metro 28 Victoria
Muirs Highway State Route 102 Western Australia
Murchison Highway A2 Tasmania.
Murray Valley Highway B400 Victoria


Road Route number(s) State/Territory
Nepean Highway Metro 3/State B110 Victoria
New England Highway National 15/A3 Queensland
New England Highway National 15 New South Wales
Newell Highway National 39 New South Wales
Ngarkat Highway State route B57 South Australia
North West Coastal Highway National 1 Western Australia
Northern Highway National B75 Victoria


Road Route number(s) State/Territory
Old Hume Highway New South Wales
Old Hume Highway Victoria
Olympic Highway National 41 New South Wales
Omeo Highway C543 Victoria
Outback Highway Northern Territory
Outback Highway Queensland
Outback Highway Western Australia
Ovens Highway B500 Victoria
Oxley Highway National 34 New South Wales


Road Route number(s) State/Territory
Pacific Highway National A1 Queensland
Pacific Highway National A1 New South Wales
Palmerston Highway State Route 25 Queensland
Peak Downs Highway State Route 70 Queensland
Philip Highway South Australia
Playford Highway B23 South Australia
Plenty Highway State Route 12 Northern Territory
Princes Highway National A1 New South Wales
Princes Highway National 1/A1/M1 South Australia
Princes Highway Metro 83 National Alt-1
Pyrenees Highway B180 Victoria


Road Route number(s) State/Territory
Reid Highway State Route 3 Western Australia
Riddoch Highway A66 South Australia
Riverina Highway National 58 New South Wales
Roe Highway State Route 3 Western Australia
Roper Highway State Route 20 Northern Territory


Road Route number(s) State/Territory
Salisbury Highway National A13/A13 South Australia
Sandover Highway State Route 14 Northern Territory
Silver City Highway National 79 New South Wales
Snowy Mountains Highway National 18 New South Wales
South Coast Highway National 1 Western Australia
South Gippsland Highway M420/A440 Victoria
South Western Highway National 1 Western Australia
Southern Ports Highway B101 South Australia
Spencer Highway B89 South Australia
St Vincent Highway B88 South Australia
Stott Highway South Australia
Strzelecki Highway B460 Victoria
Stuart Highway National 87 Northern Territory
Stuart Highway National A87 South Australia
Sturt Highway National 20 New South Wales
Sturt Highway National A20 Victoria
Sturt Highway National A20 South Australia
Sunraysia Highway B220 Victoria
Surf Coast Highway B100 Victoria


Road Route number(s) State/Territory
Tablelands Highway State Route 11 Northern Territory
Tasman Highway A3 Tasmania
Thiele Highway B81 South Australia
Tod Highway B90 South Australia
Tonkin Highway State Route 4 Western


Road Route number(s) State/Territory
Vasse Highway State Route 10/104 Western Australia
Victoria Highway National 1 Northern Territory


Road Route number(s) State/Territory
Warburton Highway B380 Victoria
Warrego Highway National A2 Queensland
Warrigal Highway Metro 15 Victoria
West Tamar Highway A7 Tasmania.
Western Highway National A8/M8 Victoria
Western Port Highway Metro 65/State A780 Victoria
Wilkins Highway South Australia
Wide Bay Highway State Route 49 Queensland
Wimmera Highway B240/C240 Victoria
Worlds End Highway South Australia


Road Route number(s) State/Territory
Yorke Highway B86 South Australia

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