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WikiProject Japan (Talk)

Founded: 18 March 2006
(12 years and 7 days ago)
Articles: 61,158 (154 featured)



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Project parentage

The Ryūkyū task force is a task force of WikiProject Japan created to increase the number and improve the quality of Wikipedia articles on the Ryūkyū Islands, Ryūkyūan history, and Ryūkyūan culture. Please note that this task force overlaps the areas covered by other WP:Japan task forces.

To Do List[edit]

See ヰキプロジェクト琉球 To Do List for a complete list of open and completed tasks. The biggest task is adding {{WPJAPAN|ryukyu=yes}} to all talk pages of any page falling within the scope.

There are 51/89 tasks completed.

57.3% completed (Estimate)


Anyone who often contributes to Ryūkyū-related pages may sign the participants page. If you are particularly interested in the subject or are a highly active participant, consider signing as a Member, someone who can be counted on for help within this WikiProject.