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Berkshire Conference on the History of Women 2014 Edit-A-Thon
When and Where
Time Saturday, May 24, 2014 (2 - 5 pm)
Address Gerstein Computer Lab, 2nd Floor, Gerstein Science Information Centre (7 & 9 King’s College Circle), University of Toronto
City, State Toronto, Ontario

The 2014 Berkshire Conference on the History of Women is hosting an edit-a-thon on women's history, coordinated by Heather Munro Prescott (Connecticut State University) and Claire Potter (The New School for Public Engagement). This edit-a-thon is part of the conference's Digital Lab programming.

Wikipedia is the world’s most popular reference work, but—as the recent spate of edit-a-thons has shown—women’s history is poorly represented there. This half-day, hands-on workshop aims to teach participants how to edit Wikipedia (our focus will be on women’s history, but the skills apply to any subject matter). Participants will learn the policies governing the site, register as editors, begin editing the content of their choice, and leave confident in their abilities to revise text, add citations and insert images. Participants should bring a laptop or tablet to use during the workshop.

If you're not able to attend in person, you're welcome to participate remotely. To get started, see the links in the Resources section below.

Event information[edit]

  • Date: Saturday, May 24, 2014
  • Time: 2:00pm - 5:00 pm
  • Location: Gerstein Computer Lab, 2nd Floor, Gerstein Science Information Centre (7 & 9 King’s College Circle), University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario

Please bring a laptop with you!


Please add your Wikipedia username to the appropriate section below. If you don't have a Wikipedia username, just add your name.






  • DYK appeared 27 May 2014.

Possible articles to edit[edit]

Below is a list of articles that would benefit from edits and expansion during the edit-a-thon. Also see, generally, Wikipedia:WMNHIST#How_you_can_help


  • TBD, see "Inspiration" below


  • TBD, see "Inspiration" below

Articles to be created:[edit]



For further inspiration[edit]

For lists of articles that need expanding or creating, see:


  • Sign up for a Wikipedia account(consider using a pseudonym at the outset, you can always change it once you’re comfortable)
  • Watch this video to learn just how to edit Wikipedia. Be sure to set aside some time for this video; it’s an hour long, and we recommend clicking on FLASH — it tends to play better that way. (Although, we will provide editing help at the edit-a-thon, if you don’t have time to do this.)
  • Read a bit about how to contribute to Wikipedia. Start with their page on your first article for the social conventions of “talk pages,” where discussion about individual articles and projects happens.
  • Further information on how to edit can be found in the help section, Wikipedia: The Missing Manual.

Tools and templates[edit]

Post edit-a-thon considerations: DYK[edit]

Newly created articles are eligible for Did you know? (DYK) nominations within the first 5 days of their creation. (One of the ways new articles are highlighted are in the DYK section on Wikipedia's Main page.) Read the instructions and nominate your own or other newly created articles!