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Orientation to Wikipedia
When and Where
When:Wednesday 14 March 2018
Time11am-3pm CST
Where:Galvanize - Austin

119 Nueces St, Austin, TX 78701

Floor 3, Classroom 2
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See Nancy @ SXSW!

Join Team Nancy from WNYC for LGBT+ Wikipedia Editathon @ SXSW 2018, a day of hacking Wikipedia! We will provide tutorials, reference materials, and refreshments (Free Food)! Come for the day or drop in and out at your convenience.

Beginners welcome! No Wikipedia experience is necessary. The event is free, but please bring your laptop and charger.

Log in to Wikipedia or create a Wikipedia account then please sign in!


  • Alcántara, Ann-Marie (15 March 2018). "Grindr Sponsors a Queer 'Edit-a-Thon' of Wikipedia at SXSW". Ad Week.

Social Media[edit]

Google Doc[edit]

GoogleDoc with topics to work on, sources

Sign up![edit]

This event is open to up to 45 in-person participants, and an unlimited number of remote participants, of all Wikipedia experience levels, from beginner to expert.

RSVP here

I'll be there in person![edit]

If you're planning to join us in person, you can log in to Wikipedia or create a Wikipedia account then sign in here.

I'll be attending virtually![edit]

If you're planning to join us online, you can log in to Wikipedia - create a Wikipedia account then sign in here.

Online training[edit]

For anyone who wishes to participate online, feel free to sign into the event and join online conversations.

The training at the event will be short and rather personal. For anyone seeking online training, consider these options:


The Nancy team has noticed holes in the Wiki-sphere where LGBTQ issues are concerned. This lack of information has served to indirectly skew and damage public outlook and understanding of these issues. Our objective is to see an increase in perspectives contributing to LGBTQ information on Wikipedia and to develop awareness of the knowledge gap online.

Please join at the start for a group orientation to editing Wikipedia. If you have schedule conflicts, join later, as this is a drop-in event and you can get support to edit Wikipedia whenever you arrive.

0:00-0:05 - Personal introductions
0:05-0:15 - Introduction to Wikipedia editing
0:15-0:20 - Review of Wikipedia's LGBT+ content
0:20-1:40 - Wikipedia editing. Everyone add at least one sentence and one citation somewhere!
1:40-2:00 - Group sharing of outcomes and progress!
2:00-3:00 - Open forum for drop ins; presentations and demos as needed

Suggested topics[edit]

To add information to Wikipedia, first find an interesting fact to share in a published, reliable source which you will cite to verify your addition. Here are some potential sources you can use for some suggested topics:

People and their projects!
Coming Out article
Orlando Florida Shooting
Men’s Health Article

Expanding on gay men’s health issues:

Dumbledore -- expanding on Sexuality section

Lev Grossman talk on modern fantasy and its historic roots:

Rowling talk about gay dumbledore in new franchise:

Asian representation section in “Gay Pornography” article
Expansion of “2016 presidential election” section of Log Cabin Republicans
Article on Homophile Youth Movement in Neighborhoods


Article on Fred Sargent (HYMN vice chairman and partner of Craig Rodwell, activist who helped create the first NYC pride march) *(DOES NOT EXIST)

Article on Ellen Broidy (DOES NOT EXIST)

Article on Gregg Alton, HIV/AIDS researcher

Article on Lesbian Culture in the United States (DOES NOT EXIST):

Source (??? possibly not reputable enough since it’s a blog?)

  • Richard Dworkin, New York activist, boyfriend of Michael Callen
  • Tim Sweeney (activist), director/CEO of Lambda Legal, GMHCand others; winner of Judith
  • Peabody award. See GCN on award
  • Transgender Education Network of Texas
  • International Drag Day (July 16)
  • Rat Bohemia, 1995 novel
    • SOURCE: Sarah Schulman
    • SOURCE: named one of the 100 best LGBT books by the Publishing Triangle


Thanks to the organizations and projects which are supporting this event!