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This page has a sampling of possible articles to create or improve as part of Wiki Loves Pride. However, feel free to come up with your own ideas!

In addition to the suggestions below, editors may consider cleaning up articles on more well-known LGBT topics. Helpful improvements could be as simple as: making sure reference links are still appropriate and functional; adding new inline citations/references; adding a photo or infobox; adding data to more fields in an existing infobox; creating headings; adding categories; etc.

Some editors may also be interested in helping with Wikipedia:WikiProject AIDS, where some of us are trying to improve our coverage of the AIDS crisis — and particularly the social history of the early years. An incomplete task list can be found at Wikipedia:WikiProject AIDS/To do; David France's book How to Survive a Plague can be particularly helpful.


Culture by location[edit]

If the city is in a non-English-speaking country, please get the assistance of editors who speak the country's language. Please ensure articles are started in English and in the local languages on their respective Wikipedias.


Film and Television[edit]

Groups and Organizations[edit]


The following templates includes many red links for articles about LGBT history in the United States:

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