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Articles about libraries[edit]

The following describes possible structures for: library articles.



  • library's name is ... (law/humanities/research/city/national) [[library]] ... in XXX country ... with a collection of XX items (year) ... established/built/designed by in XXXX ... rare item(s)/special collections/noted for ... (XX branch libraries (as of XXXX) that serve the city of XXXX.)


  • History / History and architecture/ Historical background
  • Main collection/ Holdings/ Inventory/ Collections
  • Figures/ Data
  • Important special collections/ Art, rare books and exhibits/ Notable books /Highlights of the collections
    • (Modern political and constitutional history, Laws and preliminary records, Science and technology, Maps, Music, Foreign books, Rare books and Old materials)
  • Misc optional headings like: Using the Library/ Annual events
  • Branch library system/ Branches
  • Online resources/ Technology
  • Notes/ Sources/ References
  • External links
  • See also



  • National_Diet_Library History/ Main Collection/ Important Special Collections/ Online resources/ Sources/ External links
  • Boston Public Library Collections/ History and Architecture/ Art, Rare Books and Exhibits/ Branch library system/ Technology/ References/ External links
  • Library of Congress History/ Holdings/ Using the Library/ Annual events/ See also/ External links/ Notes and references
  • British Library Historical background/ Access to the collections/ Legal deposit/ Newspapers/ Miscellaneous information/ Highlights of the collections/ Philatelic collections/ References/ See also/ External links

See also[edit]