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This Showcase assembles a display of the Project's accomplishments. The residual space is our metaphoric commitment to do more. You can definitely help. We hope that you will! (sign up link)


This project was inaugurated February 15, 2012. It was founded upon the concept of "derelict accommodations". The impetus was an AfD nomination for Richard Landis and the ensuing realization that record production and record producers were not properly represented in the Wikipedia, nor well esteemed by the community overall. Jimbo Wales himself (unknowingly) enunciated the need for this project with his words (as they relate to the AfD) that follow:

"If I were to vote right now, it would be to delete. ...Adding yet another not-very-good and not-very-maintainable biography to Wikipedia is always a bad idea".[1]

In reply, upon charged emotion, the following rebuttal has this project scribed between every line:

I did not feel the subject of this article was even potentially deletable, let alone likely! I was endeavoring to improve the article and I availed myself to what I believe is reasonable. I want to also be clear that I have no COI in this matter. Nevertheless I believe the suggestion that he is not notable is insulting. (emphasis mine)

To be clear, this subject has produced number 1 songs; won an album of the year nomination; produced scores of other top ten albums and songs; composed and co-wrote songs with chart success; performed with and appeared on many albums of other notable artists; held executive positions with several acclaimed labels; and was ranked nationally in the top 25 country music producers. Everything is well sourced and reliable. This does not equate well with suggestions of non-notability; and the rest becomes the showcase to follow.

Landis biography

The Landis biography becomes the first item to showcase. It remains a work in progress but the goal is to attain FA-class.

Landis production discography

The production discography for Richard Landis became an effort to attain FL-class, is a work in progress, and resulted in the development of several templates which are now available for community use.

An infobox for production discographies

Richard Landis
Production discography
          160         Releases  

 consisting of:

Studio albums 49



Single artist sets
Multiple artist sets


Studio singles
Compilation singles
Soundtracks 5
Tribute albums


Tribute covers
Karaoke 2
Holiday albums 9
Box sets 5
Gospel 1
Footnotes 3
References 120

This infobox is deliberately similar to the "artist infobox" with specific improvements tailored to the needs of a production discography. Additionally, because it is a project manifestation, we have more ability to tailor it further as circumstances arise; and will where a need is shown. Additional templates were created to differentiate a production discography from an artist discography and to this end it was decided to also incorporate the infobox color scheme throughout the various tables and recording classes.

Residual space

  • This area is practically unlimited in the space available for "showcasing" future project accomplishments.

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