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WikiProject Superleague Formula is aimed at keeping up-to-date, accurate and consistent information about the new motorsport series Superleague Formula.


The Superleague Formula series is a new motorsport series that started in 2008. It is based on a new concept whereby each car represents a association football team, and all cars are identical, so the winner will be decided by the best team/driver combination. Because it is new, it is a good opportunity to be able to standardise and produce good information about the series, the teams, drivers and people involved.


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A list of pages associated with the project are located here. Add any to the list that you think are appropriate (regarding drivers, franchise owners, teams, manufacturers and the organisers). You can check for any changes to any of those articles at the related changes page.

How to help[edit]

Check out the to-do list, and try to complete some of the tasks listed. Remove tasks when you get them done, or add some more if you come across them. Join the project by adding your name above, and contribute your ideas on the discussion page.

If you request an article, ask in the talk page.

If you make a major contribution to an article, add it to the major updates section below so your work can be acknowledged.

Also, if you notice people contributing to Superleague Formula-related articles, ask them to join up too!

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  • If you attend a Superleague Formula event, or are able to obtain public domain or free license images, please upload them and add them to this list (with a quick description), so everyone involved knows what is available to them.





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