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Here is a list of members of WikiProject Virginia, together with some of their interests. To join the group simply add yourself to the list, being sure to maintain alphabetical order.


  Name  Talk page   Notes and interests
1618033golden U, T, C Geography, NOVA, cleanup
226Trident U, T, C Editing, Article Cleanup, and Northern Virginia
AgnosticPreachersKid U, T, C Shenandoah Valley, NRHP listings
Arbogastlw U, T, C History and geography of Loudoun County
Argos'Dad U, T, C Political History
Bbabybear02 U, T, C Anything Virginia (Mostly Radio Stations)
benuski U, T, C Higher education, transportation, RVA and the Peninsula, SWVA
BLM Platinum U, T, C Cleanup, State politics, and Northern Virginia
BurtAlert U, T, C Northern Virginia, Alexandria schools, general history
Caponer U, T, C Northern Virginia, NRHP listings, and biographies
Chuck369 U, T, C Woodbridge area, Prince William County
Coal town guy U, T, C Southwest Virginia
Crazysane U, T, C City of Richmond Photography
Crixian U, T, C General Virginia History & Schools
Criz067 U, T, C Southwestern Virginia
CT Rappahannock U, T, C Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula
CsikosLo U, T, C Fredericksburg & Northern Neck, CSA era
Davaplayboi U, T, C transportation, military related, etc
Don Braffitt U, T, C Southwest Virginia
Djenkins_bburg U, T, C Outdoor Areas in the Jefferson National Forest
econterms U, T, C Electoral districts
EdJF U, T, C Military, baseball, aviation
Erechtheus U, T, C Richmond, Petersburg, Williamsburg, Hanover, Southwest Virginia, Danville
Erielhonan U, T, C Richmond, ecology of the Commonwealth (ecoregions, flora, fauna), linguistic history, NPOV.
Faithlessthewonderboy U, T, C Biographies, education
Fiftytwo thirty U, T, C Northern VA, General Geography, State Parks and Forests, Stub expansion
Friedlad U, T, C Northern VA Schools
GeorgeBarnick U, T, C Virginia history, Fredericksburg-Area
Instaurare U, T, C Political figures, Northern VA
Interchange88 U, T, C Vienna, VA
Jalbertbowdenii U, T, C Primarily HRVA/Chesapeake Bay, but all things Virginia. I spend entirely too much time swapping out linkrot for wayback machine archived links
James Shelton32 U, T, C National Historic Landmarks, Defunct Railroads, Former Cities and Towns, Chesterfield County, Henrico County
Jar789 U, T, C Virginia law enforcement agencies, Prince William County, and Politics
JerseyMutt U, T, C Southside Virginia history and geography (specifically Charlotte, Lunenburg & Prince Edward Counties), Virginia in the Civil War
jhb 10s U, T, C History, Politics, Transportation, Virginia cities and towns
jweaver28 U, T, C Religious and Social History, Politics, Transportation, Virginia and West Virginia cities and towns
kborland U, T, C Northern Virginia Geography
MadL U, T, C Virginia law
Margo&Gladys U, T, C Virginia history
MarmadukePercy U, T, C Virginia history
Mìthrandir U, T, C Virginia in the Civil War
Mojo Hand U, T, C Virginia law, history
Morgan Riley U, T, C Metro Richmond; Virginia architectural history, historic sites, historic preservation, museums, & the built environment.
MountainRail U, T, C Central and Western Virginia, transportation, history.
No1lakersfan U, T, C Anything Hampton Roads: Publc schools, highways, cities, etc.
Neutralhomer U, T, C Radio stations in Virginia, histories of radio stations in Virginia, history for the City of Winchester, VA and for towns in Frederick County, VA (especially Stephens City, VA)
Old Guard U, T, C economy
Overdraftfee U, T, C Politics; General history; Northern Va.
Patriarca12 U, T, C Roanoke
Patrickneil U, T, C Washington, DC metro, history, but mostly the main article on Virginia
Pmcginty U, T, C Blacksburg, Pearisburg, and any related articles
PresidentstVB U, T, C Serious/scholarly research on 17th-18th C Virginia History; the Colonial era in easternmost Virginia (Princess Anne County.); History of Chesapeake and Lynnhaven Bays; English settlers' first landing at Cape Henry (26 April 1607); Slavery.or Servitude: A 17th Century "SOS"; DeGrasse, Rochambeau & Washington and the Secret Meeting That Ended the War; Ville de Paris (Flagship of Comte de Grass ); First Battle off the Virginia Capes (Battle of the Chesapeake); Second Battle off the Virginia Capes (Battle of the Capes; NPS and the Washington Rochambeau Revolutionary Route (W3R-US and W3R-VA): Marking the Historic Southeasternmost Point on the Map); Old Cape Henry Lighthouse; Virginia Society of the Sons of the American Revolution; Norfolk's Historic Royal Mace: The College of William & Mary and Virginia's Royal Charter;The Norfolk Chapter Cypher; Norfolk Chapter (SAR); NSSAR Charter; Battle of Kempes Landing; Battle of Great Bridge; New Year's Eve, 1776: The Burning of Norfolk; Nortolk County Historical Society; and other related. Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation; Old Point Comfort: From Godspeed, Discovery & The Susan Constant; and all related.
RVA all day U, T, C Richmond History, Midlothian, Central Virginia, Richmond Preservation
RebelAt U, T, C History, Central Virginia, Southwest Virginia
Rklear U, T, C Politics, History, Biography
Rockhead126 U, T, C History, State and national level politics, Historical and current political biographies
Rtewqq U, T Henrico County,government
Sleddog116 U, T, C Martinsville, Danville, Henry County, Virginia History, Politics
Tej11 U, T, C All things Richmond (RVA) and VCU
The Founders Intent U, T, C History & Hampton Roads
TheMadGiggler76 U, T, C Improving articles, all things Virginia
TheVirginiaHistorian U, T, C History and politics, all historical eras
Tomandjerry211 U, T, C Improving articles, Geography, and Central Virginia
TommyBoy U, T, C Politics, Biographies
Trlovejoy U, T,C James Madison University, Harrisonburg, DC Metro, Presbyterian Church/VA Presbyterys.
VApoli U, T, C Statewide political events, photos and history.|Focus on Commonwealth politics and government.
WAVY 10 U, T, C Hampton Roads area (mainly television stations and personalities), live about an hour away in North Carolina
Wikipelli U, T,C NRHP in and around Spotsylvania County, Virginia; Virginia State Parks
Youngamerican U, T, C Mainly matters relating to VA history before the partition of the state in 1863, with a sub-focus on the area that is now West Virginia
Emmette Hernandez Coleman U, T, C Also in Northern Virginia Task Force
Antepenultimate U, T, C Focusing on Virginia's protected areas, and some geography work

Inactive members[edit]

Members who have not been active on Wikipedia for well over a year or have retired are manually moved here; they are highly unlikely to respond to messages. If you see your name here by mistake, or wish to become active again, simply move your name back up! (last updated February 2014)

  Name  Talk page   Notes and interests
Alcarcalimo2364 U, T, C Geography, history of Hampton Roads/Virginia Beach
Arverniking U, T, C
Cenantua U, T, C Shenandoah Valley History, with a particularly heavy focus on Page County
Cccola29 U, T, C Virginia State Politics, Notable Figures
chrisfortier U, T, C Hampton Roads area, Southwest Virginia, JMU
DavisGlRI U, T, C Metro Richmond Area / Virgina Schools
esmhead U, T, C Blacksburg, Virginia higher education.
Gdawg64 U, T, C Fredericksburg Area History
Grayghost01 U, T, C Created Winchester in the Civil War and many other Virginia Civil War related contributions (see my user page). I'm looking for help on Virginia Regimental histories, and on more pages on some of the Gaps and other geo features of the Civil War not yet on Wiki (e.g. Chester's Gap is not done, while Ashby Gap is a stub)
Hadoriel U, T, C History (mainly colonial and pre-civil war)
Iteshima U, T, C Richmond area, Colleges/Universities of the Commonwealth, journalism, law
JimDunning U, T, C Northern Virginia, history and secondary schools U, T, C Southwest Virginia
Lordoliver U, T, C Historic People Bios
MechaChrist U, T, C Virginia history, Northern Virginia, Spotsylvania
MPD01605 U, T, C Northern Virginia, transportation (see: Wikipedia:WikiProject Virginia Highways)
MsDivagin U, T, C Metro Richmond, Hanover & Secondary Schools
Morefight U, T, C History, cities, communities
Nyc editors U, T, C Northern Virginia
phenry09 U, T, C Actively updating the pages associated with Virginia election candidates, and Virginia-based political organizations
Queerbubbles U, T, C Live in Fairfax area, but love to add pics for anywhere. Mostly Charlottesville and UVA articles
Quidster4040 U, T, C Northern Virginia and Richmond articles; as well as Virginia sports
racepacket U, T, C Northern Virginia, historic sites and buildings
RealRocky U, T, C Reference the unreferenced WP:BLPs
Remliew U, T, C Historic Triangle (Jamestown, Yorktown, and Williamsburg)
Rident U, T, C
Skinfan13 U, T, C History (particularly the War Between the States), Politics, Loudoun County, The Virginia Military Institute
Treefingers1206 U, T, C Roanoke city, Roanoke MSA, Roanoke Region, New River Valley
unixluv U, T, C Hampton Roads, NASA and Langley AFB
Zidel333 U, T, C Northern Virginia, Virginia History, Economics, Politics, etc. etc.

Members emeritus[edit]

  Name  Talk page   Notes and interests
(died April 30, 2011)
U, T, C Williamsburg-Jamestown-Yorktown, Peninsula and South Hampton Roads, Richmond-Petersburg, Central, some West Virginia mostly as related to Virginia, areas of focus are geography, history, transportation, biography, disasters (Also, I am a WP:administrator and willing to assist other WikiProject Virginia members with page move, etc.)